1998 Honda CB500


A must bike for anyone. Experienced or not


Nothing has gone wrong at all.

General Comments:

As an inexperienced rider, I found this bike a dream to get used too. The handling is great. Very responsive. A great bike to start out on.

Only drawback is the vibration through the mirrors - it's hard to tell what's happening behind you.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2005

18th Nov 2005, 05:47

Vibrating mirrors sounds odd. I drive a cb500 and don't have that problem. Are your mirrors screwed on tight enough? Or is there excessive vibration coming from the engine? I dropped my cb a year ago and replaced my mirrors with long stemmed, rectangular mirrors, and they are much better.

The only problem I have with my cb500 is, since I got heated grips, it runs a little poorly at low speeds (only when the grips are on, obviously). My mechanic fitted them for me and he assured me that my bike could take them. I don't think my bike has any electrical faults because everything works perfectly otherwise.