1988 Kawasaki GPZ500S


Wouldn't get another one


The tappets became loose after a few days of buying it.

It was very noisy as it had a Laser Racing exhaust put on by the previous owner.

I only had it one week and it just died.

I went to the shop and when I came out it wouldn't start.

It needed a new starting motor and cam chain.

Nothing, but trouble.

General Comments:

It was a very fast bike and was easy to ride.

But the front brakes wore down fairly quick.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 1st January, 2005

3rd Jan 2005, 12:41

The age and mileage of this machine might have had some effect on its reliability.

12th Jan 2005, 08:00

Only had the bike one week? Looks like you got ripped off.

2nd Nov 2006, 02:55

If you buy a high mileage 500, don`t think you get a new bike. I had one and no problems.

5th Nov 2006, 16:23

The reason why most people end up with a bad Japanese machine, is because the bike has been either abused of neglected by previous owners. Japanese engineering is one of the highest standards in the world. I have always bought Japanese products and have had excellent results.

I have a Honda CG125, although not the best bike in the world, but has high mileage and starts every day without fuss. The reason being, is I service it regularly and ride it sensibly.

On the other hand, I have known people that have had a bike and needed a new engine within 10 000 miles. Reason being due to neglect and abuse.

There are people out there that just ride and totally overlook care and maintenance, and have poor or very little knowledge of motorbikes.