2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer


It's like having two bikes in one



General Comments:

I bought this bike after considerable research, having set very specific requirements in terms of what I wanted. Mainly, I was looking for a bike that could be used for commuting, as well as for occasional longer trips.

The FZ6 was a pleasant surprise. At low revs in traffic she's extremely docile, but once you go over 8,000 revs, she goes like a bat out of hell. With a large tank and very good fuel consumption, the FZ6 has a tank range of well over 400 km.

The suspension does a good job of soaking up the worst of the bumps in the road, and the upright seating position makes for comfortable long trips. The stock seat, however, is very unsympathetic to your nether regions.

All in all, I think the FZ6 is an excellent machine. With its docility in low revs and plenty of power available in the high range, it is effectively two bikes in one.

If you're a die hard sports bike fan, or if cubic inches are your thing, it's perhaps not the bike for you. But if you want a capable commuter with serious punch when you need it, you should seriously consider the FZ6.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

9th Jul 2008, 12:18

Couldn't agree more. Have owned this bike for over a year; bought it new in 2007. Best all around-do-it-all bike I have ever ridden.

Excellent handling (did constant 85 in most twisties, almost keeps up with my jixer), have been on several longer trips in excess of 400 miles, gets about 58MPG and upright rider position still allows you to ride all day without being tired out. I also have a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R750, and after a few hours I am ready for a break.

I agree with the fact that the seat sucks. If you want to make this bike a perfect 10, go get a custom Corbin and you will have a bike that does it all and will get you there comfortably. If you want two bikes in one, this is your ticket... it TRULY will do it all.