1983 Honda CB1000 Custom


I'm grateful to have such a great, elegant and powerful bike


When at idling, the motor generates a kind of fuzzy sound, somewhat like that of an old machine in operation.

The motor is a bit cold-blooded, and needs to run a distance of at least 2 miles with choke on even after it's properly warmed up to get normal performance.

General Comments:

It's a powerful, smooth, fun-riding, multifunctional, and economical big bike.

I have simultaneously owned a 1978 Kawasaki KZ1000, a 1981 CB900 Custom, a 1983 CB1100F, a 1985 Sabre V65 and this 1983 Custom 1000 in the past 2 ~ 5 years, yet this 1000 Custom is, the way I think, the best among them in every aspect.

I once rode it on a local expressway and made a solid 130 mph!!! Given some more time and guts, I think I could "break the speedometer".

Please bear in mind that I live and work all my life in Taiwan, which is a country with very complicated and, in most of the time and situations, rough and crowded road systems which makes these heavy bikes harder and less advantageous to drive, yet whenever I'm on this Custom 1000, everything seems much easier and safer.

I love this bike, and I'll keep it straight and sweet for many many years to accompany me.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2009

8th Apr 2013, 20:27

I have no problem with the idle. Just let it run with the choke for about 4-5 minutes, and it runs like a charm.