2008 Baja Motorsports SC150


Reliability is unsure, we will see


Difficulty starting due to cracked rubber mold on engine. After I sealed it up, it starts like a beauty. For the price and with proper maintenance. Runs like a $3000 Vespa. But only for price of 900.

General Comments:

Best buy anywhere you can find, local scooter dealer will be selling similar engines for twice the price.

Definitely a good buy if are familiar with small engine repairs.

Manual says max 54 mph. Easily goes 65+ with patience (unless you are careless and heavy on the wrist) then it can go real fast. But I advise with any engine, you must be take care of it, if you don't want to incur extra engine repairs.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2008

2007 Baja Motorsports SC150


Poor quality/unsafe


I own 2 SC150s, and they are only two months old. Everything has been going wrong with them, from the seat locks, to the rear view mirrors not staying in a fixed position.

The bike is not stable on the kick stand, bulbs having an electrical shortage, waiting months for parts and then having to pay for all parts due to Baja not guaranteeing any of its parts. Bikes have fallen over three times in past two months due to the unstable kick stands to hold bike upright.

Cannot find a dealer anywhere or a store that can make keys for the bike. Cannot lock the seat due to lock not working and will not be able to re-open seat if locked, thus not being able to fill gas tank. Baja customer service gives you one story after another. Parts; forget it, you might as well put your bike away for the year as the parts will not be in for months.

Overall, quality of bikes poor, will never buy another Baja motor bike. Received no customer satisfaction whatsoever.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

22nd Sep 2008, 08:44

I also have a 150. Had it 2 months. After almost 2000 miles it stopped. It has been in the shop now for 7 weeks; they sent the wrong parts, didn't send others, and now two parts are on back order.

Have talked to Baja; got nowhere. Emailed, they say there is nothing they can do, I just have to wait for the parts to come in.

Asked for a refund; they didn't like that.

Will not buy another Baja. Very disappointed.