2000 BMW K 1200LT SE


Don't judge a book by its cover


Fuel gauge malfunction. If the charcoal filter (canister) becomes clogged, the fuel tank cannot breath. As the fuel pump draws the fuel from the tank, it collapses. The plastic fuel tank makes contact with the cylinder that the float travels in and dents it. If the dent occurs above the float, you are relatively safe. If the opposite occurs, you will most likely run out of fuel and not know why. It is a minor repair, not necessarily requiring new parts. If you do not live in California, it is recommended that the canister be removed or by passed.

The antenna contacts can be lost resulting in poor reception. Again, this is an easy fix, but rather annoying.

General Comments:

Although some owners have complained about moving the bike around parking areas, I have found the bike to feel light and very agile (I should mention that I am younger and taller than the usual owner).

For a touring bike, it is very quick and handles like a dream. It takes turns like a sport bike, and stops on a dime with linked ABS front and rear.

The bike has every feature you can imagine. Heated seats and hand grips. Cruise control. Trip computer. An amazing sound system with optional 6 CD changer. Loads of cargo space. Even reverse. But the greatest feature of all is the adjustable wind screen. With the touch of a button you can adjust the screen up to block the wind and rain, down to give you a blast of fresh air, or anywhere in between to send the wind over you and your passenger.

The bike gets great gas mileage. I average 45 MPG. Maintenance is simple and figure about $35 if you change the oil yourself. BMW does recommend dealer service every 6,000 miles to the tune of $200-$300.

One minor complaint is the speedometer. It is off by an average 5 mph. Research indicated that it can be corrected, but it is a major operation that in this rider's opinion isn't that crucial.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 14th September, 2006