2014 BMW K 1600 GTL


I got what I paid for. Pretty much a flawless bike


I haven't had a single issue; not even the tire inflation sensors, which can always be counted on to trip a light... LOL. Even they work.

General Comments:

I would like to remark about the rotary dial on the left handle bar that is used to select computer, audio, engine, suspension etc.. We can all agree that once selections are made, aside from audio, that the switch can be left alone until needed again. It is large enough that a person would need extraterrestrial thumbs to reach around the dial to operate the constantly used (especially in urban setting) turn signal switch. I find myself changing the rotary dial settings frequently, while activating or cancelling the turn signals. The rotary dial needs to be moved to the right of the signal box, or the signal switch moved to the right bar at risk of bumping the throttle by wire and creating a potentially dangerous incident.

The standard seat is too low and hard. I opted for the "extra tall" seat and I'm only 5ft 10 inches. It works fine, and in my opinion, should be the standard seat. Most of the guys in my EMO group agree.

I've owned the Honda ST1100, GL1800, CBR-XX, Kawasaki ZG1400, BMW R1200RT. This one wins.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2014

2013 BMW K 1600 GTL


It is the best touring bike on the market


I have been riding since 1968. I am a basic motorcycle rider instructor. I enjoy getting on a bike and coming back when I have another 5000 on the odometer. I had ridden BMW K1200 bikes and they could not compare to the handling and acceleration of my RT. The GTL does not care what gear you are in. If you are over 2000 RPM and crank the throttle, it takes off. I compare the handling to the RT, which is a sport bike.

It is more fun to drive around town than the RT because it has a lower center of gravity. The seats are comfortable. The wind screen does its job and the air wings bring in air when it gets too hot. All in all, I love this bike. It will probably be the last touring bike I ever buy.

The one note of slight dissatisfaction is that I liked the sound of the boxer engine better. Fortunately, I have a 1974 R90 to keep me satisfied.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2013