1984 BMW R 65 LS


Under its quirky styling, it's a classic "gentleman's express" sports bike


Alternator failure.

General Comments:

Unique styling - a real attention getter, in an era when BMW was still a bit conservative.

Excellent handling for a boxer BMW - the engine was a little narrower and higher in the frame than on the bigger boxers.

Still had to watch for driveshaft 'jacking', but it really rewarded smooth braking and proper throttle application with some remarkable cornering speeds.

Despite the lack of horsepower, I could stay with contemporary Japanese road bikes in the mountain passes.

The weird little fairing actually worked when sport riding, but otherwise it just looked cool.

Just like its big brothers, it was very smooth at speed, so you could go long distances on it if your back could handle the riding position from the low sport bars.

All in all, a great sport touring bike for long Sunday drives through the mountains, but a misfit for anything else.

Still wish I never sold it, but I got an overseas assignment, and could not take it with me.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd June, 2012