1997 Ducati Monster M750


Not worth the money


Engine mount cracked at about 2000 miles.

Voltage regulator came unplugged at about 4700 miles.

General Comments:

I loved the way the bike looked and handled.

Brakes were excellent.

It was ridiculously slow. Even piped and jetted I couldn't power it up in 1st gear.

You couldn't ride 50 miles without severe discomfort.

Worst of all, the electrical parts are prone to failure, wire connectors are faulty.

Lost lots on resale.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

6th Apr 2007, 04:39

I can't say anything bad about the monster.

I had a beautiful 99, 750 dark, with Leo Vince high pipes, handled like a dream, lots of power, very comfortable, 350 miles worth, sounded great. Then some shmuck backs into it and keeps on backing up, crushed it. I come out to find my bike laying on the street in a pool of gas. I was sick. The insurance company totaled the bike, they paid me $200 more than I paid for the bike 4 years earlier.

I took the check and bought a brand new S-4, whoa!! What a machine! But the 750 was lighter, more agile, so, I went and bought another 750. Now I have the 2 bikes, the 750 needed work, nothing major, I put a lot of carbon fiber parts on it, haven't got the exhaust done yet. Need to reseal the forks. And fix the brakes. But, very nice bikes, they hold their value, If it was a Honda, I would have gotten maybe half its value back.