2008 Genuine Scooter Company Buddy Italia


It rocks!


Nothing has gone wrong with my Buddy Italia 150 cc Scooter. It has given me new life. I have never been so excited about anything like this before. It feels like I am a kid with a new toy.

I will be turning 50 in September, and I have purchased one of the most exciting rides of my life. The Buddy 150 Italia is the talk of my street. Thanks Pride of Cleveland Scooter Company.

General Comments:

This Buddy scooter is smooth and has great pick up.

The look of the Buddy Italia is second to none.

It is a very economical and light ride. The Buddy gets about 60 miles per gallon, and is very comfortable.

Move over motorcycle, the Buddy scooter is taking over.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008

2007 Genuine Scooter Company Buddy Italia


Love my little Buddy


One of the mirror arms gets loose. I need to get it tightened for good.

When cold, the bike has a slight lag in acceleration.

General Comments:

I checked out a few different bikes before buying a "Buddy". So far, I love it.

It's attractive, and quick. Goes over 40+ mph, and it only has stock engine parts. The warranty covers 2 years, and the mileage is excellent. Still on my first gallon of gas.

I decided to get the Buddy partly because it's a 2-stroke engine. I know things are moving towards liquid cooled 4-stroke engines, but 2-strokes are still faster. And I wanted enough speed to cruise comfortably in Urban traffic. The Buddy does that. And since the 2-stroke oil is injected, adding it is easy.

Many people are asking me about it. Mainly, people want to know how much I paid. So, I'll tell you. It was $1900 brand new. And it gets 80-100 mpg.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2008

17th Nov 2008, 13:41

The Buddy Italia is a 4 stroke. The Rattler model and Blur are 2 stroke.