2008 Harley-Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic


Very junky.....


The fuel system had problems, then the trans, then the brakes faded on me in the mountains. Had to let them cool before riding.

Handled like a lead weight. I'm grateful Honda Goldwings are on the road.

I never did any alterations to the HD; just a lousy ride all in all.

General Comments:

Will never buy another...

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2010

12th Jul 2011, 00:49

With 13,000 miles on the bike, my fuel system works perfect, and I have had no issues to date with my brakes like the previous comment. My bike does have the stage 1 with some kick ass Vance & Hines pipes, so when I need to juice it, there is no hesitation. Love the ride!

From British Columbia, where there are lots of mountains!

2005 Harley-Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic


Great looks, but lacks performance or comfort (surprise)


No problems with reliability.

General Comments:

I didn't find the Road King to be comfortable for distances over 50 miles. This surprised me, considering its touring reputation. There were three areas of discomfort - shoulders, lower back and legs. Despite trying various handlebar positions, I always found that wind pressure put strain on my shoulders. My lower back began to ache because I wasn't able to change positions much at all. The same issue of not being able to change positions much caused my legs to become tired. With other street or trail bikes I've owned (BMW K100, Suzuki GSXR, Kawasaki KLR, Triumph Speed Triple, BMW R1200GS etc) I could move my legs back to the passenger foot pegs or hang them close to the road to stretch.

The bike looks great, so I enjoyed owning it for this reason, but be prepared for some intricate cleaning. All that chrome will lose its shine if you don't look after it.

Handling wise I didn't expect too much. It is a heavy bike after all. But the biggest scare is cornering clearance. You don't have much to play with, and if you get into a corner too fast (that weight is hard to slow down) the clearance becomes a concern very quickly. The more I rode, the more I realized I didn't have much of a performance envelope to play with, and started to feel unsafe.

Performance/acceleration is poor compared to any other road bike I've ridden. But that is a good thing I guess since you wouldn't be able to take corners if it accelerated fast... :-)

Side bags were great. I could fit my gear and work bag in them and the bike retained it's good looks.

Loved the sound of the engine after I put the screaming eagle pipes on. Standard mufflers have it sounding like a sewing machine off the showroom floor...

Detachable windshield is good. I enjoyed riding at lower speeds without the screen.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2009

4th Jan 2009, 14:01

To compare the RKC to other bikes is silly. This bike is very comfortable, try highway pegs and a quality aftermarket seat - mine it the Corbin dual touring. My King has a 95" kit with Screaming Eagle CC ported heads and cams. It moves and tons of torque and the COOLEST bike for all around cruising that also retains its value better than any rice burner!

28th Nov 2010, 01:04

I have a 2006 Road King Classic with 53,000 kms on it now. I bought it new, put on highway pegs and aftermarket seat, along with beach bars. It is so comfortable, my better half has been known to fall asleep enjoying the warm weather. 14 yr old daughter does the same on long hauls. You don't buy them to be a sports bike???

2005 Harley-Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic



General Comments:

I ride mine 25,000 miles a year. I do sensible maintenance and its been trouble free. I can run 1,000 mile days at 80+ mph without issue or being tired. Could never do that on Japanese bikes.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2008

17th Aug 2017, 10:54

I love my Road King, but saying they're the best bikes on the planet... No. But more presence than any other.

1000 miles a day at 80 mph... never.

A comfy seat is all mine needed. I have a Ducati when I want to go fast. Got a few bikes, but the Road King is my favourite. Not sure why - I think it's the noise.