1975 Honda CB400F


A real joy to ride, and a smart looking classic design!



General Comments:

The CB400F was produced from 1975-1977 and was a instant success, even though based on the smaller and much less desirable CB350F (of which was my first bike back in 1975).

Bike easily gets 55MPG (not imperial).

Wonderful reliability, starts the first time with no issues, revs quickly and gets off the mark with no hesitation.

The best looking of all the SOHC4 bikes Honda produced in the '70's, a true classic in every sense, but can easily keep the pace today.

Easy to work on and maintain, although I am planning on replacing the mechanical points one of these days with electronic. Rugged engine design.

Performance is brisk with very smooth torque curve, with a redline at 10,500RPM! The bike is quite light for its size and braking is adequate, using essentially the same system they used for the much heavier CB750.

Handling is very nice for a 30 year old bike and can be improved with progressive fork springs and modern rear springs (Progressive in England makes direct replacements for it (but you need to bend the chain guard a bit) ). A real joy to ride!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

3rd Dec 2015, 16:02

I had a red 1977 standard bar CB400F. The bike was overall fun to ride and had a nice howl at 10 grand from the factory 4 into one header. The 6 speed transmission was ahead of its time, and so was the sweet 408cc four. What a classic cafe sports bike!!