1980 Honda CX500


Unmatched reliability on a budget


The bike would hit a wall at about 5000 rpm and not accelerate any further. I traced it down to the resistors in each plug cap, and replaced the resistors with a section of copper, which solved the problem.

The temperature gauge would always indicate the bike was overheating - turned out to be a loose wire in the headlight bucket.

Aside from that, the bike has been flawlessly reliable.

General Comments:

The bike is fairly top heavy, which can be tricky to learn on, but isn't terrible. The powerband is fairly linear, being a V-Twin, which is good for commuting or learning to ride.

The riding position is pretty comfy. The seat on mine had plenty of cushion, and the handlebars reach to a very natural placement for your hands.

The brakes are pretty weak as far as modern standards go. I wouldn't expect much, as the old school single disc front is trying to slow down a fairly heavy bike.

The suspension on my CX was very soft, and I suspect it was due for a fork oil change up front. I could bottom out the front without much trouble under heavy braking.

Fuel economy for my CX was average. I typically got anywhere from high 30s to mid 40s for my mpg. I expected better for a 500cc v-twin, but I blame that on aging components.

This cycle would be a great for someone who is looking to learn how to ride, or for an experienced rider looking for a reliable commuter. My favorite part about my CX is that it required almost no time to warm up - it is ready to ride as soon as it's started without worrying about bogging or hesitation.

Overall, I would definitely recommend at least test riding one to see if you like how it rides. These are really well built, and are a tank of a bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th April, 2010