1990 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast


Excellent bike for its intended purpose



General Comments:

This bike is excellent at almost everything, even though it doesn't reign supreme at anything. It's easy to find sportier sport tourers or more dedicated touring bikes.

At 57 years young, it's my favorite choice for everything from around town, to touring short or long distances.

Not the ungainly behemoth I found in a Gold Wing, yet not the compromising ride position I found this aging body can't tolerate any longer from a sport tourer. The best balanced lightest 600+ lb bike I've ever felt.

Fast enough and smoother over bumps than any of the 30 bikes I've previously owned. It won't win any races, but then I don't do that any longer. Just the same, it handles very well. Good enough to be very entertaining in the mountains without a scare.

Dependable as a hammer.

It's fun to frequent the boards. I find no issues of transmission problems or splines, internal engine, fuel injection surging or off idle abruptness. In fact the lack of inherent mechanical problems is what drew me to the PC800 to begin with.

Not completely without problems.

At 20 to 30 years old, I do find age related posts pertaining to electrics, regulators, fuel pumps, vacuum diaphragms weeping gaskets and other things that wear out with age. It's refreshing to read that most questions are tire choices, windshield preferences, preferred oil, and what or where to farkle next.

High mileage bikes are of little concern.

Previous owners are being a bit neurotic about the little maintenance required to keep it in good shape.. Most followed the maintenance schedule to a T and brought it to the dealer.

I consider myself a motorcyclist and I'm attracted to people who love to ride for the sheer enjoyment of riding and travel. Maybe not originally, but today this bike attracts that type. A great knowledgeable helpful community that has come to appreciate this bike's many virtues.

The only drawback is, on this bike I'll never be able to fantasize I'm doing the Dakar Rally, I'm part of a proud loud bike gang or I'm on my way to the race track for track day. I'm OK with that. It's why they make so many different style bikes, and I plan to own one of each someday.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2015

1994 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast


Best motorcycle I've owned so far


Choke cable needs adjusting.

45 mph wobble remains annoying (when hands are off bars).

Wheels are hard to keep shiny.

General Comments:

Love this bike for sport touring in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, & Georgia. Good acceleration for a 800cc v-twin. I've logged 19,000 miles so far in the year & a half I've owned it, and plan on easily that many again in the next year.

I added highway pegs for super slab comfort, plus a GPS. Love the trunk space & seat comfort, and the smooth handling on curves when I ride with my sport bike & cruiser friends, and the 45-50 mpg I get while riding about 180 miles before fill up.

People stop to ask about the bike everywhere I ride, because many have never even seen one before.

The '94 is the black & silver model, which is my favorite color. For the price (I bought mine for $3,000), I don't know of any other bike that can match the value & performance of the Honda Pacific Coast.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2010

30th Sep 2011, 12:39

One of the reviewers with a 1996 PC800 put highway pegs on his bike. Where did they get the highway pegs? I just bought a beautiful 1997 PC800 and am having a hard time finding highway pegs for it.


2nd Feb 2012, 19:38

1989 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast


Not a beginner bike, but it looks like one


Nothing has gone wrong, only falling over.

General Comments:

I wanted to add my comments that it's not a really good beginner cycle, and it's not a scooter. I have owned many bikes, and though I would love to love this bike, my opinion has changed as I have ridden a lot more bikes.

There is something that is so unbalanced with this bike when stopped that it makes owning it a scary experience. You will go down. I don't care how big or how long you have been riding, the PC will bite you in the ass. It corners just OK.

The hassle of getting to your engine and the plastic tabs is a horror...

If you're serious about a PC, look at an ST instead. Now looking back at it, I'm glad I sold it. Won't get another.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2010

9th Aug 2012, 13:27

I have a 1990 Honda PC800. I agree that the handling can be strange, but some of this can be attributed to incorrect tire pressure. You need to have at least 38 PSI in the front and 40 in the rear. Counter steering helps (push the bar) for the direction you want to turn. The bike IS heavy, but not as unmanageable as the reviewer suggests.

2nd May 2015, 10:36

I have to respectfully disagree. Perhaps it's due to different human body styles, strengths and shapes, but I have never found it to be unbalanced at any speed or slowing to a stop. I have owned bikes that exhibit this trait, older Gold wings come to mind. Gangly is what I refer to them as.

20th Jun 2015, 10:45

Kawasaki Concours comes to mind.

I had one of those, and this bike is so much better balanced. In fact it is one of the better balanced of the 20+ bikes I've owned, and the best tourer.

I do suppose if you're just starting out it possibly could be a bit gangly, but then you shouldn't start your riding on a 650lb bike now should you?