2006 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero


That silly grin is going to be hard to remove when riding this bike


10% ethanol does not agree with this bike over time. The petcock assembly basically rotted out from it. Not the manufacturer's fault. Dealer knew what to do from the get-go.

General Comments:

This is a great all purpose cruiser for local and highway speeds. You can even go long distances without a lot of discomfort. Saddlebags and trunk bags from US Saddlebag in Mass. and you are ready to go.

I recommend a GearBrake for the rear lights, because when you roll off the throttle, she bleeds speed incredibly fast.

I have gotten 80 MPG on long distances and a reliable 56-60 MPG locally. Just keep in mind that this is a 745cc bike and you are going to have to get your Harley buddies to slow their take off a bit to keep up. 65mph+ it gets a bit buzzy, making you wish that there was a 6th gear or tall 5th.

It is a well mannered, forgiving bike, especially for short guys or women getting their first bike, or guys like me, who are still happy with it after 9 years and 40k miles. The other nice thing is that a new one won't break your wallet, and neither will the maintenance costs.

I would get another one in a heart beat.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2015

2005 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero


A beautiful, reliable, and comfortable bike a newbie or senior rider can enjoy for years


Nothing - except replacing the tires at about 7500 miles.

General Comments:

I'm a 50 something, this is my first bike, and it was love at first sight (and still is). The bike was in perfect condition when I bought it in the spring of 2013, and came with Cobra slash-cut pipes and a Memphis shades windscreen. The first thing I did was to take off the rear seat and sissy bar - I love the "long & low" look of the Aero with its fat front tire and full fenders.

Over the past two years I've installed a set of large black flame bags from US Saddlebag Co., Cobra highway bars, and Kuryakyn ISO Dually pegs.

I ride the bike everywhere for everything - commuting, for fun, on errands around town - and I put 12,000 miles on it the past two years. I've done my own routine maintenance and everything is running perfectly.

The only thing I need now is more horsepower and a little more legroom. When I hit the throttle, it's not so much a hit as a smooth pull - I have no sense the bike is going to run off without me. At 6ft I'm just a little long for this frame and seat height (although the highway bars and pegs help) and the stock solo seat supports my 165lbs fine for most riding, but I must admit that any more than an hour or so and my "saddle" and lower back starts getting a bit sore.

Overall I love the bike, and as another reviewer stated, it's a great bike for a beginner or an older rider. I love the durability of shaft drive, the water-cooled engine, and the renowned Honda reliability.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2015

2007 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero


Easy on the eyes, wallet and to own, in a word fun fun fun


Zero has gone wrong. It's like owning an anvil... It's a Honda.

General Comments:

I'm a sport touring person. I like the upright position and ability to go fast and far. That was then, and now I'm close to 60, years not mph, and the ability to flat foot a bike is paramount with my old knees and replaced hip.

I had a Pacific Coast and wanted to move "up" to an ST1300, but just could not handle the weight of the PC800 or the ST1300. I rode the VT1100 and VT1300's. The 1300 (and 1800) is a big heavy piggy bike. The 1100 to me seemed to have the same speed of the 750 with more weight, so I got the 750.

It's been fun comfortable ride. For a 750 it has a big frame and a long relaxed wheel. Engine cc size is not a good indicator of what a bike will be like. I find the bike fits me good at 5'10"...

I had to put on a Mustang seat as the stock seat stank.

I used to complain that the bike was slow for 2 up touring at high speeds, but my wife got her own bike, and for one it's got plenty of speed. It can run 85 all day, but the wind tears at you even with a windshield. I put a cover on the crashbar and it helps a lot with that. Also wearing dedicated riding boots and tuck your pants in. I never ride without the gear. Full face helmet, boots, padded jacket and at least Draggin jeans with knee and hip pads in them. Dress for the fall.

You would do well with this as your first or last bike.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2010