2006 Honda VTX1800F


She's sweet


The tires wore out at 8 thousand, I was really wanting to get more out of it, but I guess that big ol 240/40/18 metz has a small groove for wear. But as for the rest, not a darn thing!

General Comments:

I've changed the stock pegs for the Jardines to give my legs a little more stretch, so my thighs wouldn't get tight, and when I got used to the differences, it's even better for my comfort level.

It's funny watching everyone staring at her; they really don't know what it is at first, thinking it's some high price fancy custom, then they see the Honda tag, ya shes been dropped with the fat tire kit and the Jardine's forward controls. I didn't even know it was a Honda when I saw her on the showroom floor.

She goes through the gears smooth, and carries the gears longer. I guess it's because it's bigger than my old 1100 Shadow.

Playing with all that torque is wow, what fun; chasing someone down doesn't take long either.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010

2005 Honda VTX1800F


The cap over the kickstand nut came off on the first ride. Honda gave me a new cap which I re-attached... having added a little Loctite so it doesn't vibrate loose again.

General Comments:

Just to clarify, I have the VTX 1800F. The "F" model is new for 2005.

First the bad:

The stock seat sucks! After a ~100 mile ride, I was literally in pain! Replaced with a Corbin seat. Now ride very comfortably.

Stock exhaust is very quiet.

Not as many aftermarket accessories for the "F" model.

Now for the good:

Great style! Very low and long. I have the candy black cherry color. Gets looks everywhere I go!

Strong, smooth acceleration. Comfortable at freeway speeds with plenty of juice left for passing.

Cool instrument cluster in tank: tachometer, speedo, odometer, trip odometers (2), clock.

Excellent brakes! Very important for a cruiser this large (over 700lbs).

Honda reliability!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2005

29th Dec 2006, 00:07

VTX 1800F:

I returned from Iraq last year and found one in my garage. My wife gave it to me as a "Welcome back gift". She bought it a few months earlier, mid summer.

As my son rode it home from the dealer, he was approached by a Vance & Hines HP Parts dealer. The gentleman asked if he would consider a photo shoot for V&H with their new straight pipes that would be out in 2006. Well, it's on the web site and in there brochures. Rides good on short trips, LA to Camp Pendleton. I like taking the long scenic beach route back home. No problems thus far and my wife likes going out to dinner on it. By the way, it weighs in at 800 lbs plus. Shaft driven and as solid as a rock.


9th Aug 2007, 20:32

I've been a rider since I was kid; preferred the cafe style for many years. I am 40 now and just bought my VTX1800F; I simply love it. Made the ride from Colorado Springs to Atlanta this summer... it's all good.

5th Nov 2009, 20:22

I have the 2005 VTX1800F just 2 weeks ago, have 43000 km on it, but it's just like new with all the goodies. The only one thing I've noticed when I try it on the freeway in the red zone, the throttle is not responding, and if I keep on the gas, the bike is just jerking and I have to slow down to gain throttle response, it happened in every gear.

Also the gas warning light comes on at only 150 KM. I'm very surprised that a big bike with a 18.4L (4.gal) tank's mileage is so poor, or is that something wrong with the emission control? Thanks.