1990 Kawasaki GPX750R


Cheap, fun, fits a backpack on it


Seat vinyl broken 3 places.

Broke 3 rocker arms / worn intake cam, replaced at 78k miles.

Broken alternator belt when purchased.

Various sliding oil seals replaced.

ECS damping unit doesn't work, can't adjust kick stand switch worn, removed.

Handle bars bent from falling over.

Lower cowling destroyed from falls.

Ignition cover wiped off.

Exhaust rusted through.

Starter motor died around 65kmi, possibly due to jump-starting with an undercharged car battery.

Fuel filter clogged often due to rusty tank.

General Comments:

Nice economy japanese power, but really try to get a fuel-injected bike. There really is no comparison to a newer engine. It is also very very heavy. But, that's not so bad as long as you're not up in the mountains and then it snows on you.

The engine finally tanked at around 80k miles, but was easily rebuild-able. No progressive damage from broken rocker arms.

Great for touring, I've taken a few long trips. You can just strap your backpack right on to the 4 hooks at the back.

Furious acceleration above 8k rpm. Really stirring.

2-up riding kinda sucks, unless you're really fat maybe. The seat is designed so that she's sitting on a ridge pushing you forward.

Same as UK GPX750R.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th September, 2007