1985 Kawasaki GPZ900R


I don't see ever selling this bike



Fork seal.

General Comments:

Purchased while on vacation in Australia. With no more than an oil change, I took this bike all over the east coast of Oz. And Heaven only knows how long it had been sitting unused by the middle aged guy I bought it from. With saddle bags, a tank bag, and the gear rack it had, I was able to travel around Australia freely and on the cheap.

New tires brought back much of the original handling.

After three months, it was time to come home to the States. Knowing that I had to 'Federalize' the bike in order to import it didn't slow me down one bit. The 900R had made such a positive impression on me, that it was a non-issue. I paid for this bike almost three times over after all was said and done.

Since my return I have ridden this bike on several long distance trips. Laguna Seca, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, all in comfort and speed. Replacing the chain and sprockets has helped much. I feel as though I have a new bike.

The mid-80's GPZ may not be as well built as a Honda Goldwing, but it has proven itself a wonderful compromise between sport and touring. It is THE reason that I WILL buy a Concours.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

13th May 2010, 14:01

I have a 1984 GPR 900, a great classic bike. My previous GPZ1100 with a kit was fast, but the 900 not far behind. More compact, better handling.

At $2500 for a good clean one here in Oz, it's great value.

Yes it turns heads. Has 4 into one, a bit loud, may get an original system.

I too am reluctant to part with it, have a 1999 XJ900S Diversion, and getting an XV1100 Virago. Think the Diversion will be sold.

GPZ900s look fast just parked up.