2007 Kawasaki Mean Streak


The MeanStreak 1600 is a 9.5 on a scale of ten!


Hose clamps that affix exhaust covers come loose and whir. Easy to fix.

General Comments:

I have the Special Edition Mean Streak 1600, featuring spark black finish on tank and fenders, with flame accents in silver and persimmon, black and persimmon seat, persimmon wheels and frame, black engine, black exhaust covers.

I've been riding for thirty years. My last bike was a BMW R1100S, and before that, a Suzuki 1200GS Bandit.

This is my first cruiser-type bike, but in my opinion,the dimensions of the Meanstreak are really a cross between a sport bike and a cruiser. The power is more than adequate, and you can scorch most cruisers (all Harleys!).

Braking is very good. The bike handles much better than I thought it would, and the seat is low enough (27") that even a short guy like me can plant both feet on the ground at every stop (something I couldn't do on the BMW!).

Brake and clutch bars are adjustable for throw, and the right settings make long rides a joy. I added a Memphis Shades windshield 15" that fits the bike quite well, and a short sissy bar. I also added small, black nylon saddlebags, which are adequate and seem to enhance the sport/cruiser look I'm after.

On the negative side, while riding on a hot summer day and having to wait at a stop signal, you get considerable heat on the inside of your right leg - coming off the exhaust pipes. Also, the flat black exhaust system covers (chrome pipes are underneath) are held in position by a mickey-mouse arrangement of hose clamps. The clamps eventually loosen up, slip out of position and start whirring and rattling. You have to wait for everything to cool before you can re-position them and tighten with a screwdriver or 10mm wrench. It's the only flaw I've noticed so far.

On the plus side, the bike drives beautifully and loves hard turns. Throttle response is fast. I have a sportbike background and appreciate what the Meanstreak will deliver when you drive it hard. Frankly, it handles much better than the BMW R1100S, and is about as agile as the Suzuki 1200GS Bandit I used to have in Hawaii.

On my wish list, I wish this bike had a real fuel gauge instead of an idiot light that comes on at 100 miles -- when you still have 60 or 70 to go before going dry.

Would I recommend the MeanStreak? You bet! This is a dream ride.

Phil Hoffman.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2008

31st Mar 2009, 15:41

I agree with Phil on his comments concerning the Kawasaki Mean Streak. I also have the 2007 Special Edition Meanie and I love it a lot. A better gas gauge would be great, I have had one of the exhaust clamps to come loose and another gear would really be appreciated. My bike handles real good on the highway. But, yes, I'm still looking for a good hard saddlebag that would look great on the bike.

26th Mar 2010, 19:04

I agree, I have a 07 Meanie, love it, but wish it had a regular gas gauge!!!

19th Sep 2011, 13:38

I also have the 2007 Special, awesome bike. I concur with the transmission needing 6 speeds and the gas light (some computational output of M/KM left before empty, along with other possible readouts).

This bike is amazingly comfortable, I rode it 2,106 miles in a 21 hour marathon ride, and rode another 300 the day after without suffering.

I would buy another when this one stops.

2002 Kawasaki Mean Streak


A great bike for the experienced, and those who want to experience!


Nothing; the bike has ran flawlessly since I have had it (October 2007).

General Comments:

My story:


Back in the late spring of 2007, I decided I wanted to start riding, due to the high cost of gas, and the thrill of having the wind go through my hair. To start with, I bought a 2006 Honda Rebel. It was a nice bike, light weight, and dependable, but it simply would not hold up at interstate speeds (maybe 75mph tops if I was lucky).

Anyhow, in October of 2007, I was at our local rice dealer, just window shopping, when I happen to spy this gorgeous gold colored 2002 Mean Streak, complete with a windshield, Vance & Hines Exhaust, a sissy bar and back rest, and more! I asked the dealer about it, they had it on sale (of course), and the negotiations began! With my Rebel trade-in, I only spent $3600 (including taxes)!



This bike is fast! Of course, I made the jump from a 250cc bike to a 1500cc Mean Streak, so my opinion on this is somewhat biased, I am sure. But, boy... does it move! It probably does 0-60mph in about 4 seconds, and can run a quarter mile in just under 13 seconds (@ 102mph!). The top speed of the bike is 140mph (not that I have tried it or anything... hehheh). Braking is stellar on this machine. It uses two disc brakes on the front, and a single disc brake on the back. Thus, it stops on a dime! This bike has Electronic Fuel Injection too... no carburation here! The bike has a rated horsepower of 72, and delivers a strong 79.7 lbs of torque! My average gas mpg is about 40, on a 4.49 gallon tank. One thing to note is that this bike is rather heavy (around 670 lbs wet, and with accessories, at or over 700 lbs). However, the bike has a good center of gravity, and you really don't feel the weight when riding!



This bike embodies the cruiser style, with a touch of sport class. Kawasaki likes to use the tribal type appearance on the bike, and overall, it looks decent. There is some chrome accenting, but it could use more for this big of a bike.



For a stock seat, its really not bad! I can go about an hour on it, before my butt starts to numb up. The pillion seat is relatively small, but it too isn't bad for stock. My worst complaint about the comfort of the bike has to do with riding position. Without handlebar risers, I am always leaning across the gas tank to ride, which starts to make my back sore after awhile. The shocks are very good on this machine, thus the bike absorbs most of the impact before you do. Further, you can adjust the rear suspension to your liking, as an added plus.

Aftermarket accessories:


This is one area that you will really like about the Mean Streak; there is a lot of products available for the bike. You will find everything from saddlebags, to exhaust and performance upgrades, to face lift and chrome accessories, and much more! And with the Mean Streak still well in production, you can be sure to find parts for the bike easily.



The bike is shaft driven, and being that it uses hydraulic lifters rather than valve, you never have to have any valve adjustments made! With a shaft system, there isn't any chain to have to oil. Just be sure to change the oil as specified by the manual, watch your coolant and brake fluid levels, air up your tires and replace as needed, and you should have a bike that will last a long, long time!



A great bike for the enthusiast; I wouldn't recommend this bike for a beginner though, and to be honest, I should have got a bike in between this one before buying the Mean Streak. Jumping from a 250cc to this monster was a bit too much of a step. Plus, the weight of the bike was a rather big surprise (the Rebel only weighs in at 360 lbs wet). So, to sum this up, if you are an experienced rider, who wants something that will fill the need for a high end cruiser, this one is for you!

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Review Date: 27th February, 2008