1979 Kawasaki SR650KZ


I lover her, but need something bigger


Cannot get front brake res. cap off, one screw is stuck.

Front brakes give when holding on the lever for too long.

Chain stretched (my fault, too long at very high speed).

Custom seat in the last month has started to fall apart.

Has refused to start a few times.

Carbs need rebuilt 250 miles ago.

General Comments:

The motor has never been opened, but runs like a champ, when the carbs feel like it.

I have had Harley riders stop and stare at this bike soooooooooo many times.

Gave it a low comfort mark due to any longer than 30 minutes, and it's not that comfortable any more.

Do have old Kawasaki winged backrest and windshield.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008

1978 Kawasaki SR650KZ


Even the Energizer Bunny has to stop sometime


Cracked engine block: Sealed with JB-Weld and got another couple thousand miles out of it.

Signal lights: I kept blowing fuses in the lights, and eventually just started using hand signals.

Regularly fouled the plugs: I always kept a few clean ones in the storage box under the seat.

General Comments:

This bike had a lot of hard miles on it when I bought it. I wasn't expecting it to last much longer, and am actually surprised at how much use I got out of it before it wouldn't start any more.

It had plenty of power with its 4 cylinder engine.

The banana style seat wasn't anything you'd call comfortable, but most imports from that time had the same design.

I used this bike for two years in all weather as my only motorized transportation. It finally gave out after about a year of steadily increasing compression problems, made worse by a cracked engine block in its last few months of life.

It was fun to own, even if it did give me lots of headaches. If I could find one just like it in better condition, I would definitely buy again, if I hadn't already moved on to a late model bike, which I only use in nice weather.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006