2004 Piaggio X9 500


Maintenance difficult and expensive


12,000 rear brake broke and almost fell off.

15,000 seat material disintegrated.

16,500 instrument panel died preventing it from starting or doing anything. Headlights still worked, but that was all. The digital instrument panel controls everything else: brake lights, starter, turn signals.

20,000 transmission died completely. Too expensive to repair, and I wrote the whole thing off.

My low marks for dealer service apply only to my local dealer. In four years, they had 5 or 6 different mechanics. Dealer was not "into" scooters; it was only a business.

General Comments:

I liked the ride, the acceleration, the top speed (100mph) and other things.

Didn't like the leg room. I'm 6'-1" and wanted to stretch out more.

Didn't like the rear view mirrors. If you drop the bike, and everyone eventually does this, the mirror assembly is going to break off, no question. $450, or J-B Weld.

With the Piaggio top case installed, it takes 30 minutes of disassembly to get to the battery, tail lights, brake lights, and that's after you've learned how to do it. First time: 1 hour. Without the top case, it is still 25 minutes.

Cannot check the oil level without removing a panel that has one screw and several tabs.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2009

2005 Piaggio X9 500


Excellent ride for a cruiser to / from work, I love it!


Nothing mechanical yet, only 1400 miles.

Batteries on handheld seat opening transmitter went dead, but I replaced them myself for $6.

General Comments:

Very fast, over 100 mph, accelerates well.

Handles well in traffic.

Brakes very well, stops straight and true.

A bit top heavy for turning on local streets, but cruises very well on the highway, and is very stable in wind.

The windshield could be slightly higher to block the wind.

The seat is very comfortable, but could use more padding under the driver for bumps.

Gets lots of looks/inquiries, great looking design/color.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2005