2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40


The S40/LS 650/Savage does what it is designed to do very well



General Comments:

After more than 25 years without riding a bike, I purchased a new 2011 S40 on 8-21-12 (one year ago). I got it on clearance for $3,999.00.


My first ride thought was that this bike needs a 6th gear. Even the spacing between 4th and 5th was inadequate.

Another surprise was how much I got blown around at speeds over 50 mph. I bought a flyscreen, but it's not enough. I will be getting a larger windshield next spring. The bike is so light (352 lbs) - so I'm hoping that the shield will make highway riding comfortable.

Actually, my first thought was regarding backfires. The S40 is set up from the factory way too lean. I decreased the backfiring by removing the brass plug (on the carburetor) and opening up the mixture screw. This also increased engine speed and throttle response.

Short term note: this engine needs proper levels of ZDDP in the oil - or damage will occur.

Long term note: this engine has a cam chain adjuster that needs monitoring - or damage will occur.


#1 - the price, although it's up to $5699.00 now.

Handling: light weight does have some advantages. Great for getting around town and the outskirts of town. I enjoy the back roads with 35-50 mph postings.

Insurance is cheap, due mainly to low output (31 hp / 37 lb-ft).

Overall, I love the bike. It does what it was designed to do. I got a great deal - wait for one.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2013

2005 Suzuki Boulevard S40


Good first bike


The muffler came with a manufacturing problem, a crack, and I had to replace it. Also after 1,500 the engine started leaking oil.

General Comments:

The bike was a good choice for a beginner. It has plenty of power to cruise on the highway, and plenty power to accelerate and pass other cars when needed.

The brakes are not very reliable; on several occasions they locked and the bike started to spin.

I had to modify the handle bar to decrease vibration (this bike vibrates a lot!!!). I also put on heated grips and a windshield (absolutely required for comfortable highway rides).

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Review Date: 5th October, 2010

2009 Suzuki Boulevard S40


Great bike, and great bang for the buck



General Comments:

This bike is economical, and will go faster than I will probably ever take it.

I got the red and white one, and I get approached quite often by strangers telling me how good it looks.

It handles so well at low speed that you can actually turn around on a single lane road without putting a foot down.

Ride is excellent at all speeds, and I guess the bike fits me perfect as I can run a whole tank of gas through it and not get a sore rear end like I hear other people talking about.

I'm 5'9 AND 190. I'm getting between 55 and 62 mpg. I had it up to 80 and it had more to go, but that was too fast for me. You can pull out in traffic with confidence as you can get up to 60 before you get run over.

Everyone that sits on it mentions how light it is, and that's one of the main reasons I bought it. I had a 2007 Vulcan 500 that was just heavier than what I want. In comparison the S40 would finish first in every one of my categories, especially low speed handing, except the 500 would be probably be a better option if you only did Interstate riding, and it doesn't get as good gas mileage.

I just cruise around and commute occasionally. I like the belt drive as you don't have to worry about oiling a chain, and Suzuki includes a tool to check the tightness of the belt if needed.

I added a windshield and saddle bags. It has the single banger backfire occasionally you hear about when going down through the gears, but it's not loud and after the 600 mile dealer checkup it's now reduced in volume and frequency.

The front brakes do squeak, but perform very well, as does the back brake. Without my even knowing the rear brake pedal needed adjusting, the dealer did it during the checkup, and the back brake is excellent also, and even better with the adjustment.

Of course I already think about moving up to an 800 or so cc bike, but I won't for a while as this one does everything I need in a bike.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2009