1992 Suzuki GS500E


Good starter bike except for the lack of torque. Can be had cheap


Nothing broke down on the bike, other than previous owner having dropped it with bent bars and broken gauge.

General Comments:

Decent first bike. Parallel twin puts out 50hp; enough to make things interesting, yet not enough to wring the rider off the bike.

It's small for taller riders. 6 footers will be a little cramped.

I had to install risers on the bars as my hands were going numb.

Seat is... of course... bad. Gel seat helps a lot.

While the engine makes the bike decently quick, it struggles badly at lower rpm's and has very little torque below 4k. Around town riding is a chore to say the least.

Brakes were adequate with a rear disc. No surprises.

Handling was good and was fun in the twisties. Upright seating position helped for longer rides.

Typically 60mpg, smallish tank however.

No plastic fairings to get destroyed in a tipover, but no wind protection either.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th August, 2007