2006 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa


A powerful, reliable, and comfortable MC


No problems so far. Wish I got more miles out of rear tires.

General Comments:

This motorcycle is very fast and handles very well. It is very mild mannered below 5k rpms, but gets mean above that.

I live in a mountainous area, and it flicks easily from side to side in the curves for a heavy sport tourer. I have heli bars, and find the riding position very comfortable, and I'm 51.

The speedometer is 5mph fast at 65mph according to GPS, and the error gets greater with speed.

I've only been able to get 4-5k on a rear tire, and I don't spin the wheel. I get about 10k on a front tire.

I would highly recommend the 06 Hayabusa.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2011

2006 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa


A guided missile



General Comments:

This thing is something else. It's got it all and then some! The ultimate sport bike! You can be sure that you'll be grinning from ear to ear!

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

26th Aug 2009, 00:04

You're right when you say you will be grinning from ear to ear! I have been grinning for a couple of years on my 2006 GSXR1300R.

2003 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa


This is the best motorcycle for a beginner to learn the sport of drag racing


Nothing Suzuki made has failed on this bike, ever.

I modified the bike for drag racing as soon as I got it. Any parts failures have been my own fault.

General Comments:

MODS: Schnitz lowering strap (front), Pingel lowering bars (rear), Muzzys air shifter, MRE locking clutch, NX nitrous system, Pingel wheelie bar, Racetek K1 rear tire, air box mods, PC3b module, Zero Gravity db windscreen, and a great Tobin custom seat.

For drag racing this is the machine to start with. Right off the showroom floor you are looking at running as quick as 10.2 seconds stock e.t. Then, with similar mods as mine you are in the mid or upper nines. With the wheelie bar on it runs low nines. See Super Streetbike magazine, USA, Nov '05 issue for a list of similar mods that put them in the high eight second range on stock rubber and no wheelie bar!

It's fun, easy, reliable, and someday when I'm tired of it, I'll put the bike back to stock and just sell it with only 6-7,000 miles on the odo.(yeah, 1/4 mile at a time).

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Review Date: 4th December, 2005

11th Oct 2006, 16:08

Caveat emptor eh? You want to put 6-7,000 miles on the bike via 1/4 mile drag races then convert it back to stock and sell it to a third party?

Although it's silly to think that you'll run something on the order of 28,000 drag races with this one machine, I would certainly hope that the buyer is aware of ANY drag racing the vehicle was used in when making a purchase, and unless the buyer knows you I'm sure he'll be left in the dark, because otherwise you could sell the bike as-is to a colleague. What other reason would you have for bringing it back to stock so you can sell it for a fraction of the cost unless the history of the bike wasn't being revealed?

12th Dec 2006, 05:31

Unfortunately, the world is full of selfish, dishonest idiots.

I never buy bikes with tiny mileage for this exact reason.

10th Mar 2007, 16:11

Clearly this person is not telling the truth.

No one in the right mind would say this bike is a good bike for a beginner. And... somehow I can't see him getting nearly 30 thousand drag races, nor anyone not noticing that a bike went through 30 thousand drag races, and buying it.

4th Dec 2007, 23:45

If any bike can take the punishment that is dealt at the dragstrip, it is the Busa. I have about 6K for mileage on mine, with numerous trips to the strip. What other 9 second bike could you run at the strip on Sunday and then leave on a 600 mile trip on Monday? I would not hesitate to buy another Busa that had been used at the strip, mine was when I bought it. Gotta love the Busa!!

15th Jan 2008, 20:01

Well my GS 250L only had 721 miles on it, because the person that owned it before me didn't check the chain; it came off and it bent the clutch shaft and leaked oil everywhere, but easily fixed and a good bike.