2003 Suzuki GZ250


Great bike for smaller people and casual riders


Keep the chain tight or you will have a hole in your magneto cover for sure. Finding a new one that hasn't been previously repaired is tricky.

This bike is designed for smaller riders, but I'm 6'5 250 and put around 60 miles a day on it. Wears out chains rather fast.

General Comments:

Great bike, compact, excellent balance, 60-100 MPG (45mph with the wind and no hills, optimal fuel efficiency), sucks on hills or into the wind. Highway is not so bad, but you do have to drop to 3rd for any hills, high wind, or temperatures below 20 degrees. I drive year round in Chicago, and 10°F is the absolute cut off for this bike. It will have starting issues under 10.

The bike is a trooper, but it does need a lot of TLC.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2015

2003 Suzuki GZ250


Worst bike ever


Front tire wobble (supposedly all of them are like that).

Flat rear tire.

Broken brake lever.

Broken valve (which totaled the engine).

General Comments:

Nice ride at slow speeds.

Great looking vehicle.

Good mileage (when it is running).

Hard to find oil filter.

Under powered 100% of the time.

Comfortable seating position.

Seat a little hard (for a cruiser).

Unreliable vehicle.

No parking blinkers.

Single signal light indicator.

Hard to shift.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2013

2003 Suzuki GZ250


Great looking piece of junk


Flat tires (by previous owner at 3000, and on my ownership by 6100 miles).

Worn brakes (at 5000 according to the previous owner).

Broken brake handle at 6500 miles.

Every 1000 miles a valve gets unadjusted.

Broken piston rod at 7000 miles.

General Comments:

I have own pretty much all brands and sizes. This has been the biggest POS of a bike ever. At 7K it looks like it needs a lot of work. Even bikes I ran for 10x longer did not have (TOTAL) 1/10 of the problems.

The bike cosmetically looks new, it is a beautiful machine, but is extremely unreliable. When it works, it gave 60-70 MPG. But the cost of maintenance makes a Hummer look like a Hybrid. It can barely go 70, but cruises at 50MPH no problem.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2013

30th Apr 2013, 21:41

My daughter also had a 2002 GZ250, and it too died. I tried looking for used top cylinder parts on eBay (or anywhere), and found out that most of these bikes have dead top parts of the engines, as I can buy the bottom half no problem, but not many complete engines or top ends. What a waste of money. Undeniably the worst bike I ever heard of.

Now to see if I can sell the rest of the bike in parts.