1986 Yamaha Venture Royale


Excellent reliability at an affordable price


Problems with dash gauges, broken center stand, normal maintenance items, weak plastic trim, minor electrical issues.

General Comments:

This is my second 1986 Venture Royale. I had one in the mid 90s, which was almost a twin to this one. I will include comments that are equally applicable to both bikes, which I think will establish a trend for this particular model.

The bike is among the most comfortable available for cross country touring, either single or two up. At first sitting on the bike, the size may appear daunting and slightly intimidating. However, get the bike rolling, and its size quickly diminishes, and handling is quite good considering the overall heft of the machine.

The suspension is handled by a relatively sophisticated and fairly reliable air suspension system. In order to check and adjust the system, the bike MUST be on the center stand and the key MUST be in the "accessory" position. Then you push the button on the air suspension control (right fairing) and give the system time to "think", 2-5 seconds, and the display will show either the front or rear suspension level in PSI, and also either "low", "high", or "medium". You have the choice of "manual" or "auto" air adjustment, and after pushing the appropriate buttons, will hear the compressor operating to fill or lessen the air in the front or rear to your desired level. It does take a bit of fiddling with the buttons, but generally works pretty well. While on tour with the bike, it is best to set the suspension, or at least check it every morning and it should stay pretty much all day. Neither bike I owned had any issues with this system.

The bike also has electronic cruise control. These have both been inconsistent on the bikes I've had. They will only set at speeds under 85 mph. The "set" generally works pretty well, but is not real diligent about holding that speed. It will usually work well for a while, then shut off, requiring either a reset, or, more often only a tap on the "resume" function. This has been the case with both of the machines I've owned and has become nothing more than a minor annoyance. Not a big deal, in my book, especially on a bike nearly 30 years old.

The fairing pieces are a bit brittle, both of these machines have shown cracks and imperfections at premature intervals. Honda plastics seems to be more durable, but I think any in this age group are going to be less than ideal.

Mechanically, the bike is fairly reliable, with the big V-4 motor at the heart of it all. The 1986 is the first year for the 1300 cc (actually 1294cc) motor. From 1983 (the inception year) until 1985 it was a 1200cc motor. Both engines have lots of power, especially a lot of low end torque, which is what you "feel" when you take off, and two up riders particularly will like the commanding acceleration the bike provides.

The Venture was Yamaha's answer to Honda's Goldwing, and actually did quite well in comparison until the mighty 6 cylinder Honda came out in 1988. Even though the Yamaha would still perform, usually "neck and neck" with the Wing, it was still a 4, compared to the Honda's 6. "Bigger is Better" won out and after 1993, the big Yamaha was discontinued, although the engine design was also shared by the successful "V-Max" and later a "cruiser" version of the Royal Star, aptly called the Royal Star Venture.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2015

19th Dec 2016, 16:57

Did they ever make a 1300 cc in 1984? Please reply to kengormley51@gmail.com


1984 Yamaha Venture Royale


Great ride with lots of power, which would be even better without the electrical issues...


Dash lights out.

Radio did not work when purchased.

Turn signals worked intermittently.

Fuse box corroded and rotted out.

Broken plastic body pieces.

Trunk and side cases leaked even during light rain.

Rear air shocks either wouldn't hold air or the compressor didn't pump.

Ignition switch would not hold the key in, which caused my keys to fall out and get lost.

General Comments:

Other than terrible electrical issues, the bike always started and ran great. Didn't seem to have the gear issue that a lot of them do (not yet at 36,000 miles anyway). Had a lot of power and acceleration from a 1200cc engine. Did seem excessively heavy and hard to control at times, although I was a bit inexperienced with such a big bike at the time (went from a Honda Reflex 250cc Maxi-Scooter to this massive touring bike, which was probably not the best idea). Also seemed to have a "lean-in" a bit when driving.

I wouldn't mind having another one if the said issues were fixed on it. I think that now that I have 8 years of riding bikes, which range between the Yamaha, an HD Sportster, and my current bike, a 1983 Honda Goldwing Standard, I could appreciate the Venture a little more now.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2014

1987 Yamaha Venture Royale


Please Yamaha - Bring back the Venture Royale


Literally the only problem I had was the clutch master cylinder was losing fluid, and after tracing the problem, I found the bleeder valve was leaking. Ordered a new one, installed it, and back on the road again.

General Comments:

I really feel that Honda got very lucky that Yamaha stopped reproducing these VENTURE ROYALES. I've been a Honda dude forever until I finally purchased my 1300. For a 26 year old bike it was so ahead of its time that it's modern now. JUST A FABBO BIKE - BOO-YAA YAMAHA!!!

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Review Date: 21st February, 2013

6th Jan 2014, 20:22

I agree, the Venture is a classic.