1981 Yamaha XJ650


Best in its class in its day, and still holds its own today against newer bikes


Replaced front wheel bearings at 51k miles. $25.

Replaced front and back brakes at 52k miles. $85.

Replaced clutch, springs, clutch cable at 53k miles. $250.

New Metzler front and rear tires at 54k miles. $425.

Engine jumped time, locked up at 55k miles. November 2011.

Replace engine with a used 1982 Seca 650 engine in late 2012. $80!

New tach & speedo cable in Feb 2013. $35.

Seat was wore out when I bought it, hope to re-cover it soon.

General Comments:

I bought a real "diamond in the rough"and was too stupid or stubborn to give up. With a fresh engine it runs great, and I am slowly shortening the to do list.

Overall a great bike; much faster than my Honda.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th February, 2013