2009 ZNEN ZN150T-18


It's a buy!


Throttle cable snapped during the winter months in Rhode Island after it rained and water froze the cable (it was really my fault for trying to force the cable loose!).

Coil burned out at 1,000 miles (caused it to idle roughly and cut off after riding it for 3-5 minutes, or when it heated up).

Rust! (it's a Chinese scooter, so it should be expected)

General Comments:

Model was a Znen-18T with the 16" wheels in burgundy and silver... I got many many compliments on this 150CC scooter, and for the price of 1299 it was well worth it. It was cheap, got 74MPG consistently, and the parts were inexpensive.

Now with the inexpensive parts comes more maintenance, and dealing with issues such as a burned out coil within 1000 miles (which may have been covered under the warranty, but who cares). This brand of scooter actually is a better quality than most. This model came with a power link belt and a few better upgrades than your usual Chinese throw away scooters.

Bottom line is, this was my first cheap scooter, and for sprinting around Newport, RI where in the summer the traffic is CRAZY and congested, this is a great first scooter, because it has the power to go 60MPH, but it performs best around 30-45mph without approaching the red line... it is maneuverable and can be parked on the sidewalk without taking up much space... and it's a little larger than a 50cc, but most people don't know it's a 150cc.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2012

20th Dec 2012, 17:50

Like the review - much appreciated. I will be purchasing same model at the beginning of 2013. What model year was the one described? Where did you purchase for $1299 - most I see are $1599?

Thanks for your help, Jesse.

4th Mar 2013, 07:50

Hmm, sounds like a good scooter. I went ahead and purchased one. I will keep you guys posted and share my experience. Wish me luck!

18th Mar 2013, 11:52

I purchased my scoot from Valley Scooters. He recently raised his price to 1599.00, so I guess I got a real deal. Too bad I sold it... I should have kept it, but I had to move! Hope you enjoy your scoot. Let me know where you decide to get one... I may be in the market to by another one soon... maybe we can get a bulk discount?!