4th Oct 2006, 16:20

I agree with the comments about running in, use of proper oil and careful warming up. I am glad there are people out there that know how to ride these well engineered machines.

When I was at college, a lad I knew bought a brand new RS125.

He never ran it in properly and thrashed it from the first mile, even when cold. Inevitively, within days he ended up with a very unreliable motorcycle that lasted only a couple of months. What a fool.

7th Jan 2007, 16:56

I agree with all the above comments, very true.

I bought a 2005 RS125 full power December 2005, got it out of the shop, used only fully synthetic oil (comp 2 plus) good thick oil, ran the bike in well till about 1500 - 2000 miles, kept it under 6500 revs, generally granny driving it.

I decided I would go to Kirkistown race track with my cousin to watch the track days, and coming home the bike was near dead, the power valve had broke and jammed itself somehow, though it did not damage anything luckily enough.

I still have the bike and it's still mighty fast for a 125!

Here's a tip to keep it running well... treat it like you would treat a lady! It will be with you forever.

18th Feb 2007, 16:54

I agree with most of the comments, but I treated mine like a lady and it blew up after 3 weeks. It was a brand new 2005 model. I took it back to the dealer and they gave me a new bike. I now have a 2006 model. At full power it's very quick. I am soon to buy an R1, but I will miss my Aprilia...

12th Jun 2007, 11:53

Don't talk to me about Aprilia rs125's; I've got two. My first is in excellent condition; it's an old 1995 full power Chesterfield. IT JUST NEEDS BRAKE PADS

I also own a 2001 full power rs. Both are off the road at the moment. I've only just got my 2001 from a garage. I'd had it two days, and it seized on my way to work, so I took it back, had it rebuilt, went to ride out the workshop, and it started knocking. So I'm waiting to get that back.

I don't like riding the Chesterfield; few more years and it will be worth a lot of money. Most of the 125s have been written off with their riders killed RIP, and a lot of the 250s are on the race track.

9th Aug 2007, 19:00

"All the 125's have been written off with their riders killed RIP" Oh, please.

Anyway, back to the topic...

I've owned an RS 125 for 2 years now. I love her. Warm her up, use full synthetic and she'll last! Easy and interesting bike to work on to, and perfect for the corners.

+ Handles like a dream.

+ Brilliant for the twisties.

+ Good 1st bike, teaches the rider to learn to respect a bike.

+ Good looks.

+ Brilliant brakes.

- Starting can be a pain, especially after being left for a long period.

- Pistons will inevitably seize faster than a 4 stroke.

22nd Sep 2007, 22:10

The Aprillia RS125 is CURSED BIKE! Granted it looks good and is very fast - but boy is it unreliable as hell. I have never experienced owning a machine with so many defects - from day one it has cost me a fortune on repairs.

1. Clutch replacement £170

2. Exhaust replacement £120

3. New speedo £20

4. Engine seizure £600

Please don't buy this bike unless you're willing to shell out a load of money on breakdown costs. Get something with a 4 STROKE ENGINE - especially Japanese. These Italians bikes are crap!

16th Oct 2007, 14:51

It's a brilliant bike! Handles well, goes like hell, and with enough power to get you out of a tricky situation or overtake someone who needs to learn to drive properly.

I loved my RS. Only problem is some idiot pulled right out 3 metres in front of me while I was filtering at 20mph. If it wasn't for its red hot brakes I'd be dead, even though it's now a write off and I'm in the middle of a big gritty insurance claim. It's only fairing damage, but the insurance company have still written it off...

My advice: Get it if you're thinking about it.

29th Nov 2007, 11:32

I rode my first RS125 this year and it made me grin like an idiot for hours. The noise, the scream, the smell. Brilliant! Oh and the handling - I've ridden heavier mountain bikes!

1st Mar 2008, 14:41

Much to the annoyance of my CBT teacher, who told me that I was MAD to get such a bike, and that it was dangerous bla bla bla... I cannot tell you how much I am glad that I didn't listen to her.

This is my first bike and I LOVE IT! Especially being a laydee, I love it when I zoom past people on the little beaut! I've got the de-restricted model and got it to 105mph although only on occasion.

Don't be put off by people who say that these bikes are expensive to repair; the past couple of year models have been far cheaper. I've been amazed at how cheap some of the parts have been.

My boyfriend rides an R6 and even he begs me to let him get on my RS125 every now and again! He's been riding for about 10 years and he's as much in love with this bike as I am!

Only negative points are warming it up (takes about 5 minutes), which when you are only going a short distance is a bit annoying. Plus if you try to ride it in cold weather, it quite easily cuts out as soon as you lower the revs, even if you have warmed it up fully. But you can't blame the poor thing :- (

If you get one of these you have to be prepared to look after it to keep it looking good, in fact I've just finished polishing my chrome :-) I will soon be upgrading to an R6/GSXR, but will find it so hard to sell this bike on, I even say goodnight to it sometimes when I put the cover on.

Everyone needs one of these!!

25th Apr 2008, 10:20

I've a 96 Chesterfield RS 125 rep, absolutely awesome bike, had mine a few years now, cheap as chips to run and amazing to drive. But I agree there is a lot that can go wrong with them, but they are fun to fix. I can do most things myself except anything regarding the engine, but thankfully has just had a minor rebuild once. A few things always go wrong about this time of year when it gets her first ride since the cold sets in, but then when I sort everything, it's usually sweet until the end of the summer!

I do highly recommend these bikes, but if you're buying one secondhand, make sure it hasn't been too abused as they are very temperamental! But if you treat her with respect, she'll give you hours of fun!

What speeds have people got out of their RS's? I've clocked just under 120 on the motorway on a few mile decline, just tucked right in behind the front screen, done over these speeds on other bikes, but it felt a lot faster when the wee 2 strokes screaming out to you, but don't hold her flatout for too long; not good!!