2008 Aprilia RSV Mille from United States of America


This is a superb bike with the best components


This is my second Mille; the first bike, I rode it 19,000 miles, and didn't have one problem with the bike.

My second Mille, the same, no problems.

My only complaint is the seating position is very aggressive, and it's hard to find neutral sometimes.

Other than that, this is the best handling, most reliable exotic bike on the road.

General Comments:

These bikes are very rare, which I like. When I go to bike shows, people are all over this bike. People ask can they take pictures, and can they sit on the bike all the time; even people who have never heard of Aprilia, say it's a sexy looking bike.

Aprilia's racing heritage speaks for itself, and they pass that technology down to the street bikes. This bike will make you a better rider, giving you confidence in the turns, and great balance at high speeds.

Nothing sounds like a V-twin; I've owned other bikes, and nothing else compares.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012

2004 Aprilia RSV Mille from Qatar


Great bike for starting on a 1000


None - just dead batteries.

General Comments:

Great bike - unbelievable build quality - the welding and chassis are brilliantly built.

Fantastic bike to re-learn on - was a born again biker - so the smooth power lets you take it steady and build your confidence.

Runs and runs - down on top speed - only 230km/hr.


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Review Date: 1st March, 2012

2002 Aprilia RSV Mille from New Zealand


Japanese reliability, the best of European styling. A match made in heaven


It is too early in my ownership to comment on the reliability.

The standard exhaust is a big ugly looking thing, but there are several alternatives on the market that will slip on and not require a new chip.

No issues to date.

General Comments:

Twins are really my thing, previous Ducati ownership, VTR 1000's and now an Aprilia RSV.

The RSV is far and away the most fun bike I have owned.

Cornering is predictable, and requires only steady pressure on the bars to tip in and hold a line. My boot sliders already need to be replaced.

260Km on Sunday and my butt was hardly protesting. This surprised me as the seat looked hard and VERY unforgiving.

To be fair, the thought of a long tour at 100kph has me shuddering at the thought, but fanging it hard through my favourite mountain roads, the seat is just fine.

The riding position is not for the faint hearted. It is in the "head down-ass up" category more common on Japanese superbike in line 4's.

The bike has nice touches, like inbuilt lap timer, adjustable redline and max speed.

The EFI works well with no realflat spots in the power delivery, (which is very linear) The bike will chuff a bit if you try to pull away in the wrong gear, especially below 3500 rpm.

However once you hit 5000 RPM, the power comes on strongly with a nice secondary kick at 7000 rpm.

There is not much point in revving above 10000RPM, as the power drops off after about 9500.

If you like heaps of torque, great top end and a wide power band to play with, check out an Aprilia, you won't be disappointed.

Tech info. 130hp, 102nm, top speed (personally done, 265)

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Review Date: 15th April, 2008

2001 Aprilia RSV Mille from United States of America


So much fun to ride... wish I could have owned one years ago


Nothing as of yet.

General Comments:

This bike is an awesome machine. The engine is not too powerful, but it is in no way a slow bike by any means... and did I mention it sounds incredible? That V twin grunt sound makes it that much more fun to ride.

The bike handles like a dream... just point it where you want it to go and you're on your way.

It feels very light and extremely small compared to every other bike I have been on.

The only issue I have is that it is very uncomfortable... lots of pressure on your wrists and the foot pegs are way too high, but it's worth the pain.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2008