18th Jul 2006, 05:30

PLEASE tell me about the new Bajaj dtsf-i. Also please mention it's on road cost.

My mail address is aniket_singh27@yahoo.co.in.

23rd Jul 2006, 11:00

I want to know the on-road price of a Bajaj Pulsar dtsi 150cc and Bajaj Discover dtsi in Delhi.. please send in your comments to anuj_8987@yahoo.co.in...

7th Aug 2006, 14:04

I bought a Pulsar 180dtsi black.. two months ago.. it's an amazing bike with sensational pick up from 0 to 80kms.. even at 100kph it's stable.. its mileage is around 45km/l. I just can't stop riding that black beauty.

16th Aug 2006, 12:05


I am planning to buy a bike from amongst the following: Apache, Pulsar 180.. Cbz (is it still available) Avenger.. Pulsar 150

And please do suggest any other bikes..

Which is the best buy amongst them?

Please reply.

17th Sep 2006, 03:04

Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a bike, so please help me in choosing from a Pulsar 180, Cbz (is it available in the market), Avenger, or Royal Enfield. My height is 6 ft and my email is akki1985_sharma@yahoo.com

Akhilesh Sharma.

25th Sep 2006, 04:33

This is important for all those buying a Pulsar dts-i 180. Bajaj has launched the new 180 with lots of features from its bigger engined brother the 220 dtsf-i. It's a good buy as the price has not been changed. Digital meter, back lights, front lights have been changed for good. GO BUY IT!!

26th Sep 2006, 09:31

Hi, Guys.

I heard that Bajaj launched a new Pulsar 180 with lots of features, so guys please tell me the mileage and price of the bike. My ID is gautam.vipin@gmail.com

13th Oct 2006, 15:21

Hi guys,

I love riding bikes. I rode a Royal Enfield 500, but I still opt for Pulsar 180 (than 150) because you get 16.5 BHP and the bike is stable. If we leave some faults like knocking problems, it is pretty cool and is definitely male with 40-45 kmps depending upon your style and intensity of driving.

Well if you read this comment, then please give me feedback so that I can make up my mind to buy my third bike, which will be a Pulsar 150, 180 or 220, or a Honda CBR (second hand).



17th Oct 2006, 00:06

Hi all, I am planning to buy the new Pulsar 180 dtsi with digital speedo and all goodies added recently. I want your suggestions on color cos people say red will fade away soon! I liked the red color, but many say not to buy that color.

Please mail your suggestions earliest to krispuniq@yahoo.com

31st Oct 2006, 13:38

When is the new Pulsar launched in Latin America???

"Columbia, Colombia"... josiasibarra@hotmail.com.

20th Nov 2006, 08:16

I would like to say that the 150 CC is the best, and is a good choice for Bangalore.


20th Nov 2006, 08:18

It's ALL up to your maintenance and the care you take of your bike :).. Treat it as your wife and it will be the best forever.. Don't worry about the fading problem.


20th Dec 2006, 06:18


I have purchased the new Pulsar dtsi 180 cc with digital meter.

Hey guys, this bike is awesome!!

25th Dec 2006, 11:03

The new Pulsar 180 with digital meter has a default engine, because they cause a serious noise, even when we ride it softly.

8th Jan 2007, 07:25

Dear sir.

Plz tell me a mileage of 180cc Pulsar (ug3 digital meter) at my e mail id ;- vinay_kaushik@indiatimes.com

16th Jan 2007, 11:25

Guys, trust me, the new Pulsar 180 is the best ever bike seen in India. It has a mileage of over 40km/l.

20th Jan 2007, 14:45

Friends I am not able to decide between a Pulsar 180dtsi and an Apache.

People say the Apache is small in height. I am 5'10''.

Guys, please help me to decide among the two.

Reply at indicheetah@yahoo.co.in

7th Feb 2007, 13:56

Hi. My name is Omkar and I'm 20 years old. I work with EDS in Mumbai.

The thing is that I was just reading the reviews about the new Pulsar Digital and just came across your profile. I'm looking to buy a bike on the 16th Feb, 2007 and I intend to buy the new Pulsar Digital 150 cc. But some worries are stopping me from buying the bike.

1. Is there any error noticed in the digital speedometer. I mean that is there any probability of it getting damaged, because if it does, it is not repairable and is replaceable, and will cost around 3000-5000 rs.

2. What will be the average fuel consumption of the 150 cc, because my friend got the Pulsar 180cc Digital, and after the first service he is getting an average of 45 km-pl.

3. Is it worth it to buy a Pulsar or to go for Unicorn/Apache/CBZ Xtreme considering the factors like fuel consumption, maintenance, looks and reliability.

Please please please please. Do reply asap, coz it's 7th today, and I want to decide by next week IE 14th, so that I can book the bike and can get it on 16th. Please please help me!!! Mail me at psycho_omkar@yahoo.co.in



13th Feb 2007, 09:31

Hello, my name is Sahil, I am a student and I have recently brought a 180 with digital meter. I am fully satisfied with the performance. My bike has defeated a zima in a race at DND flyway (Delhi), it reached at the speed of 128 kph and the avg noted was around 40-45. It has a great pickup and is the most stylish bike in India, no doubt. The zima is also a fantastic bike, but not so hardcore as the p180. But knocking is there and the chain set is not so good. Vibrations are there in the Voyager. Braking and control is excellent. So I suggest to all of those people who want an excellent bike, go and get it, believe me, it's a sexy bike. The digital meter looks very nice and attractive

3rd Mar 2007, 12:14

I like the Pulsar 180, but now the newly released Pulsar 200 is sexy, but it is poor in mileage, so please send me a mail to san_viki175@yahoo.com stating which bike is better, the Pulsar180 or the Pulsar 200. Please reply because I'm ready to buy.

19th Mar 2007, 06:47

My bajaj 150 DTS-I is a dream guys... it goes off as smooth as silk on the road... I love it... and the digital meter is the coolest thing... but I have to change the signal bulb too soon! This is the first month and I already have changed two bulbs!!!

20th Mar 2007, 02:28

Hi all, I bought a new Pulsar 180 Phantom bike this February, and the bike excels in pickup, stability, front disc brakes, stylish look.

But it still has the old gear shift problem, missing the tune in carb, poor mileage. I do a little off the hook driving, but the mileage on an average riding condition is not greater than 35-40 KM PL on Chennai roads. I bet it was never more than that.

Overall, it gives life to riding. It's a stunner with a little lousy mileage.

26th Mar 2007, 15:40


I bought the new Pulsar 180cc in the month of December. It completed its second service and I am really satisfied with it, and proud to have a bike like that.

Only one thing that takes me off, is sometimes while I am shifting the gear from 4th to 5th, it increases the RPM and suddenly gives a big sound and does not shift the gear, and I need to change the gear to 5th again. I'm not sure whether it is a serious problem or not. Please advise me on this about how to fix this at the earliest.. Thanks!!!

You can mail me at: deepak31ratnam@yahoo.com