11th Jan 2007, 12:30

Sorry, but I disagree. The Karizma scoots past your Pulsar easily because it peaks at 7krpm. With 5 kgm more torque, it'll outrun you any day. The transmission is more efficient as well. Dyno tests in Bangalore give tha Karizma 14.2 hp at the wheel. The Pulsar trails at 12.

23rd Mar 2007, 00:39

Hellow, I am interested purchase a pulsar180cc. Can you tell me about mileage & maintenance? My mail is jagannathaprasada@gmail.com

Urgent please.


6th Oct 2007, 11:16

Hi guys, actually I'm playing with ma babe (180-dtsi) with pleasure. I like the power, which is almost equal to a Honda Karisma. But the disappointing thing is low mileage of 35-40. On highways it's only 35. To be frank I bought this bike only to enjoy the power and not the mileage..

26th Oct 2007, 00:16

Hello guys!

I have recently bought a Pulsar DTS-i 180. It's a great experience I'm having.

Can you give me some tips about how to maintain its average, efficiency etc...

29th Oct 2007, 09:30

Hi guys!

I'm finding it very difficult to make a choice between Pulsar 180 and 200cc DTSi in terms of power performance, mileage (specifically of P200), reliability and maintenance. Price is no issue. This would be my first ever bike. P200 looks great, but overall performance...?? I'm ready to shell out more, only if I'm satisfied with the bike's performance.

Anybody... please suggest between the two.

Email > amit_liverpool@rediffmail.com


12th Nov 2007, 06:38


My name is SRINIDHI and I recently purchased a Bajaj Pulsar 180cc. Nothing much to complain about my bike because he is a MONSTER on the road. But I still have a few concerns about the gearshift, which is very hard, and I would like to suggest it to be made softer, so that it could be a better bike.


1st Mar 2008, 10:47

Hello, this is AMEY.

Please tell me which bike should I take; p180, p150, Apache RTR 160 or CBZ Xtreme on amey_torpedo@yahoo.co.in

17th Mar 2008, 18:23

I think (please tell if I'm right.. marked with '?' among these I don't know.. I was looking for good reviews on the Internet and found believable things here. Please email me - bura@live.in and tell me.. ahem ANYTHING)

(1) Unicorn --- (58,000) top speed ~115, pickup - OK, handling - 8.5/10, looks - not great, efficiency - 50 (45~58kmpl). + brand, handling, - looks, upright riding position

(2) p 150 --- (62,000) top speed ~114, pickup - OK, handling - 7.5/10, looks - good, efficiency - 50 (45~58kmpl), + balance of looks, power & economy, - handling, gearbox could be better, mudguard shakes, unreliable led tail lamps

(3) hunk --- (63,000) top speed ~114, pickup - OK, handling - 9/10, looks - hmm, efficiency - 50 (45~58kmpl), + handling, fuel tank, - hunk (name), this is minor but no digital speedo, led tail lamps

(4) rtr 160 --- (65,000) top speed ~119, pickup - good, handling - 8/10, looks - don't like, small, efficiency - 45 (41~50kmpl), + nimble handling, brakes, pickup, - not good for bad roads, touring

(5) p 180 --- (68,000) top speed ~122, pickup - better, handling 7.5/10, looks - better, efficiency - 40 (37~50kmpl), + price, performance, looks, - handling, gearbox could be better

(6) p 200 --- (75,000) top speed ~126, pickup - great, handling 7/10, looks - sexy, efficiency -?40 (?35-45kmpl), + performance, beautiful, - handling in crowded places, no kick

(7) karizma --- (77,000) top speed ~128, pickup - great, handling 9.25/10 (hehe), looks - great from most angles, efficiency -?40 (?35-45kmpl), + performance, touring, - expensive parts

So which is your favorite and why?

What's the difference of fuel efficiency between a p 180 and 200 if both are ripped in full throttle (?30 for 200, 35 for 180 eh)

Experienced people please mail ASAP.

12th Apr 2008, 07:50

Hi all. I purchased the Pulsar 180 in Feb 2008, but I'm not satisfied at all. It's going like a bull cart, so much gear sound and very high vibrations; so go for the 150, and in case of power go for Karizma; at least that is a refined bike to purchase.

14th Jul 2008, 22:37

My bike, P180cc specs. It gives 55km/ltr when riding under 4500rpm with 55-65km/hr. However the gearbox sound is always there. It is the sad part of it. And the performance is good. Handling is also best part. So far it's going fine...

26th Jul 2008, 15:29

Hi everyone... this is Rahul from Shimla.

Please anyone tell me which one I should buy...

Pulsar 150 or 180...

Please compare these bikes in terms of price, mileage, pick up, performance, grip, problems and other specifications..

Please e-mail me at thakurrahulthakur@gmail.com


27th Jul 2008, 15:49

Hi you can go for Pulsar 150 cc, I am enjoying a mileage of 60kmpl...

28th Aug 2008, 12:23


I am planning to purchase a Pulsar 200cc, please can any one suggest me how much mileage can I expect in city road conditions as well as on the highway.

24th Sep 2008, 11:25

Hi guys, I'm Abhishek Dayal from Patna. actually I'm playing with my hot babe (180-dtsi) with pleasure. I like the power, which is approx higher than a Honda Karisma. But the disappointing thing is low mileage of 35-40. On highways it's only 35. To be frank I bought this bike only to enjoy the power and not the mileage. Don't worry, ride for power which shows every one...

10th Oct 2008, 09:27

It's good to achieve 125 km/hr on a p 180.