2009 Benelli X50 from United States of America


Overall, it is a unique, powerful 50cc bike that will stand out in a crowd, and is worth the money


The front brake squeaks, and I believe it is because I had it tightened a little too much.

So far this bike appears to be built tough.

General Comments:

This scooter is a beast! It is seriously fast for a 50cc. The scoot easily reaches 47 mph on a flat, and with low wind can hit 50 mph. Had it up to 55 mph on a downhill ride. It actually feels more stable at high speeds.

The X50 handles great and feels very firm and tight. Handling is responsive and it corners very well.

I rode several other scooters, including the Buddy Italia 50cc and the Flyscooters Il Bello 150cc, and decided on the X50.

The green paint scheme is my preferred color. I bought a Scorpion Exo-700 Raider Green helmet to match. Since it is a discontinued color (the helmet) it was a little hard to find, but well worth it! Who doesn't want to match?

The ground clearance is high and it handles curbs with ease. I park it on the sidewalk, and frequently need to go up and down curbs.

My biggest disappointment with the X50 is that it does not have a sissy bar or rear rack to mount a trunk. I knew this going in, but I am the type of person who wants a trunk, and will have to fabricate something if I want a trunk.

The seat height is high and I hear a lot of people complain about this. I actually like the way it feels and I am 5' 9''. If you are new to scooters/motorcycles, then it may be high for you, but if you are comfortable on a bike then you may actually prefer it. The Benelli feels more substantial that a typical scooter. The seat heights also makes me feel better on the road because I have a little better vision from the higher seat height.

Power on hills is good. I can keep it at 35 mph on an incline and I weigh 155 lbs.

Storage is good and the below the seat storage can hold a full face helmet (my helmet is a Medium). Helmet needs to be upside down though to fit.

MSRP is $2,495, but I got it for $2,250. Little pricier than other models, but I definitely feel like I got a better quality bike in return.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2009

2008 Benelli X50 from United States of America


High quality with fantastic looks



General Comments:

This motorcycle is seriously quick for a 50cc and handles like it's on rails. Bumps are fantastic.

However the seat is very tall and uncomfortable, and the side stand auto retracts..

Time will tell overall dependability, but it appears to be built like a tank (in a good way).

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009