1993 BMW K 75 from United States of America


I will never have anything "but" a BMW motorcycle, and will never sell my K-75


1993 arrived (had it trucked from Grand Rapids Michigan to the mountains of N.C.) and found when 1st riding it that the cooling fan wouldn't come on. I ordered another fan motor and pulled the radiator, and found the brushes had seized and melted, so I swapped out the dead one and put the new one in, which works like it's brand new.

There are a number of "smaller items" that need to be replaced every 12-15 months, such as the crankcase breather hose (some call it the "Z" hose; look in the BMW shop manual you bought), because this rubber pipe is shaped somewhat like an "esss" hose, and the rubber is light to work with it because of its shape, and because of that factor and the heat it's subjected to being right in the center of action, it deteriorates. Might be a good idea to wrap it with some sort of insulation.

General Comments:

The K-75 is a "cult bike, known mostly to those who have ridden them before or previously owned one. It doesn't look like a crotch-rocket, it won't go 160-200 mph in the first 30 feet... it's not the greatest "two-up" machine because it "is" in the 750cc size category.

My 1993 is my 2nd one; my 1988 bucked me off when I went brain dead at 55-60 mph and let go of the controls (look Pop... me no drivee); had my physical body rearranged in many ways by bridge abutments and seven upright guardrail posts. Had I known what it would take to recover from this hellish nightmare, I would have begged God to let me die, but I was unconscious for 3 weeks and forgot to beg God when I woke up (which turned out to be a good thing).

But this story reflects nothing ill toward the K-75; it is absolutely the sweetest and smoothest, best-handling motorcycle I've ever thrown a leg over, and there have been SO many. But the Beemer is the top of the food chain; always starts with one touch of the starter. Warms up and then settles "every time" into a 1000 RPM idle. The power delivery is "linear"; it just keeps pulling stronger and stronger to the redline; it instills confidence as you ride fast because it's a sport-tourer, designed for autobahn driving at speed. It's great in the curves and you'll like it the more you drive it. No way to go wrong on the BMW K-75!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2018