2011 BMW R 1200 GS from United States of America


Mediocre engineering at a premium price


Still burning oil at 8500 miles; about 1 qt/1000 miles.

Engine knocks occasionally on start-up.

General Comments:

Telelever appears to lack torsional rigidity and feedback, possible cause of pain between shoulders from continual steering correction on long freeway rides.

My and 2 friends 2011 R1200s all burn oil. Very disappointing. What other modern engine has this fundamental problem?

The riding position is comfortable. Not much bend to the knees.

It is a fast machine, but does not seem very refined. Great brakes though.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2013

2004 BMW R 1200 GS from United Kingdom


I recommend this bike. The best all rounder in the world!


Blistering on the engine finish.

Ineffective fuel gauge.

General Comments:

Everything that you have heard about this bikes abilities is true. Once you have become in tune with her, she is incredible.

I have been a biker for 20 years. I have had many bikes including, Genesis, CBR600, Goldwing, Harley. They all had their charms (the Harley’s was only to look good, otherwise it was crap) but this bike is your veteran biker's everything.

The ride position is the ultimate for real world enjoyable riding, and the cherry on the cake is the most effective brakes on a road bike that I have experienced. With this combination, I have yet to be challenged in town by R1’s, R6’s or anything. My girl is called MANGA and she comes straight out of a comic book. She has saved my life more than once.

You must get your suspension set up right and adjust for your specific pillion or load. I wish I had the new automated system that I have seen on the K’s. I would like this for the screen also.

The gears are clunky and are my main gripe. They work well, but you know when people change gear and make you cringe, this gearbox sounds like that as a matter of course.

My girl is blue and silver. The side boxes are very useful and are preferable to keep the gravity centre low.

I recommend this bike. The best all rounder in the world!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2006

11th Jul 2020, 23:17

I agree that the BMW is an amazing bike! I bought my GSA with 12k miles on it last fall. I rode it in Mexico this last winter and put on 5000 miles in 5 weeks!

I also own an older 2003 Ultra classic. I love that bike as well and she has been very reliable!

You had a 50th anniversary and complain about it?? A 1953??

This tells me one of two things:

1. You have no idea what anniversary bike you were riding, which tells me you don't even know your own bike.

2. The other option is your expectation of modern reliability and performance out of a 1953 Harley is... well... a little much.