1976 BMW R 90 S from United States of America


High performance art, beautiful, fast, easy and fun


From lack of use by previous owner, the paint inside of the tank was peeling, and I Red-Koted it.

New petcocks and easy to replace O rings in the carburetors. Easy to balance carburetors adjusted. Points and tires replaced, and easy access valves adjusted every 4K miles. Piece of cake maintenance, using tool that came with the bike.

General Comments:

It is the 1976 R90S that was the fastest production motorcycle available when it came out. Now it's highly collectible.

Its power to weight ratio, low center of gravity and balance of weight on the front and rear wheel make the handling exceptionally good. When throwing it side to side in the twistiest corners, the gyroscopic effects from the engine layout make it easy and predictable. Easy maintenance and parts availability is a big plus.

The stock seat is stiff, but a sheep skin cover helps, and replacing it with a custom seat is an advisable option.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2012