2015 BRP Can-Am Spyder ST3-S from United States of America


An excellent touring machine



General Comments:

I bought it after 50 years of riding two wheels, and starting and stopping in heavy traffic had become tricky as one leg was physically impaired. Motorcycle touring is my main hobby. After looking at Spyders and researching them for about two years, helped greatly by video reviews on the Internet, I took a lengthy test ride and subsequently traded my 2 wheeler for it.

Riding Experience:

I put the break in mileage on it with day rides around Southern Arizona. I adjusted the stock 3 position handlebars to fit and a Can Am touring windshield. I ordered and received a shorter control linkage, and found the Spyder came from the factory with a very comfortable seat and great ergonomics for touring long distances. I tested the anti-lock brakes, power steering, and stability control systems -cautiously- and rode long distances on the freeway utilizing cruise control. All systems performed in an exemplary manner, and the comfort quotient on long non-stop stretches was as good or better than any two wheeler I ever owned.

It took a few day rides for me to get used to the different "feel" of the roadway and suspension of the 3 wheel stance, i.e. 3 separate tracks on the roadway meaning it is possible to hit 3 separate bumps simultaneously; foot brake only, and steering. However after a couple of days riding in all different terrains, riding conditions, and speeds, I found that the ST-3S accelerates and handles extremely well in comparison to most 2 wheelers, and emergency braking and rapid evasive maneuvers are done without nearly as much concern for small patches of sand, oil, hot road snakes, and lean angle. The reverse gear and parking brake shines when touring with a fully loaded motorcycle and negotiating inclined parking and tight spaces. Additionally, the peace of mind engendered by the 3 wheel stance when stopping, starting, accelerating and negotiating curving mountain roads was reassuring, contributing to a more relaxed and enjoyable touring experience.

The Ambiance:

The 1330 cc inline 3 cylinder is tractable, linear in power delivery, and very powerful. I bought the 6 speed manual transmission model, which gives me the same system I'm used to and positive control of gear and engine. The 7 gallon fuel tank consistently delivered 40 +/- 2 MPG on a 4000 mile ride through AZ, CO, WY, MT, ID, and UT at freeway speeds and with spirited riding through the mountains. The stock exhaust system suits me. Throaty but unobtrusive when accelerating, and a quiet hum in the background with a full face helmet on at speed...

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Review Date: 4th November, 2015