1997 Cagiva River 600 from France


I like it!!


The oil duct needed to be changed at 25000 : the new duct arrived... 3 months later.

The starter needed to be repaired nearly 25000kms (quick and cheap).

The 25000kms are critical, since I don't had problems except the clutch cable at 30000kms.

The real problem is the availability of the spare parts and above all, the seller of my town who hates to hear about Cagiva.

General Comments:

The acceleration, the comfort and the brakes are very good. Sometimes we go to the beach for a week, thanks to the suitcase.

This bike is fun to drive on little roads.

The cost of use is really cheap.

I've wanted to get a new bike for years, but I don't have a lot of things against my river, only the low engine performance, so I keep it (her :-) ).

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2009

1996 Cagiva River 600 from United Kingdom


I've had great fun with this bike


Leaking front fork seals - fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

The bike handles well, but lacks performance in restricted form.

Fuel consumption is lower than expected, given my riding style at 45-48 mpg.

Very useful panniers and screen.

Reliability has been above average so far.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2009

1996 Cagiva River 600 from Spain


A beautiful nightmare!


Crankshaft bearing gone at 27000, had to replace whole engine.

Flywheel magneto self destructed at 30000.

Leaky fork seals almost since bought, replaced at 34000.

Starter motor gave up at 37000.

Fuel indicator working on and off on its own will since bought.

General Comments:

A sporty, very good looking, very good sounding NIGHTMARE!!!

Low fuel consumption, great looks, great handling, packs a nice punch for its 34HP, but it's a pain to run for its will to self-destruct!

Dealers in Spain are next to none, and they aren't exactly helpful.

Parts are very hard to get and pretty expensive.

Starter motor is a very common fault, a replacement nothing short of 300€.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2009