1996 Ducati 916 from United States of America


Like an Italian woman, Beautiful, Aggressive, and high maintenance!!!


I bought my 916 from an owner that did some repairs himself, thus doing some things subpar.

The crankcase leaked because of an incorrectly applied seal, but that's about the only thing wrong with the bike when I got it.

General Comments:

The acceleration on the 916 is probably similar to being strapped to a missile while it's being fired!!

One of the reasons it's so quick is that the computer module on the bike is re-chipped and aftermarket Termignoni exhaust installed, adding about 20-30 horsepower. Stock horse is about 114 @ 9000 rpm.

There's nothing like being able to twist the wrist and get away from traffic situations that could be potentialy dangerous.

The handling is definitely second to none. All I have to do is think about a turn, and the bike is there! The rake of the bike is lower in front for that aggressive stance so the bike has an aerodynamic posture.

It's a torque monster, and pops wheelies without a second thought.

Oh, and that Desmo V-Twin sound...

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007

27th Feb 2007, 20:10

Decent looking bike granted, yet too fickle for my taste. I prefer my Honda Fireblade, which is slightly faster and requires less maintenance.

1st Mar 2007, 08:33

I agree, a great bike for standing about posing on, but not much good for blatting all over the countryside on. I would be too afraid of the Visa bills. I had a mate who had one in 1999, it almost bankrupted him in 5 months.