1983 Ducati Darmah 900 from Australia




When I got it, it had multiple oil leaks which were easy to fix with gaskets and some new plugs.

Swing arm axle was worn and had to be replaced.

Some of the minor electrics don't work, eg fuel warning, neutral indicator etc.

Fuel tank buffers have worn out and need to be replaced.

Fifth gear is difficult to select and is the next issue I need to fix.

Seat has been replaced with a custom made, close to original look, but more comfy offering.

Tends to burn spark plugs, but I believe that that is due to the higher octane fuel that is the norm these days.

General Comments:

I love this bike! I didn't buy it to get to work, but to have something I've admired since I was a teenager. The fact that it is old, Italian, quirky and probably unreliable compared to Japanese whitegoods on two wheels, is part of the attraction.

Firstly, it looks fantastic with SS fairing, retro but very cool.

Secondly, it sounds amazing with Conti replicas. Many people comment on the wonderful tone.

Thirdly, it pulls like a train. The L-twin bevel is a brilliant engine with heaps of Power.

It won't win a drag with a rice-burner, but once she's mobile... look out!

The handling is surprisingly good for such an old and heavy bike, it can cruise at speed and feels very stable, but also handles the twists very nicely. Feels very well balanced.

Stoppers are great.

Starts first time every time.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2009

1979 Ducati Darmah 900 from New Zealand


Reliable and enjoyable if well-maintained


Counter shaft oil seal leaked and continues to weep, but nothing too bad. I replaced the seal with two, and apparently it is possible to fit three, which I intend to do some time.

The gear selector mechanism fell apart, which apparently is a known fault. This left me in one gear and required the removal of the clutch to get at, but was a simple fix. It just required picking everything up from the bottom of the crankcases and reassembling with some loctite.

The clutch centre-nut came unscrewed, so that the whole clutch fell off the shaft.

Again a simple fix with a torque wrench and some loctite.

General Comments:

Apart from that and the regular oil and filter changes, chain, sprockets, fork seals and other bits and pieces, I have had no issues with this bike.

I love it and it would be the last one that I get rid of.

It travels long distances two-up with no dramas, although the seat does get a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so; it is about the same width as the pubic bone, so it feels like sitting on a piece of four by two.

I took it on an 8,000km trip around Europe and the Isle of Man this year, and apart from the clutch issue above on a motorway in France, it performed without issues.

It handles brilliantly, stops well, has plenty of torque, and sounds beautiful with the Contis fitted.

I change the oil every 1,000kms or so, and the filter every second change, and make sure it is well warmed before tapping it.

It runs well in pouring rain, and is happy to sit outside overnight if necessary.

In short, if looked after, I consider it a very reliable bike and great fun.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2007

2007 Ducati Darmah 900 from United States of America


Most refined of the 860 desmo bikes


Sprag clutch failed. No blow up, it just wouldn't start.

It is very cold blooded, and can be hard to start after sitting for a few weeks.

General Comments:

The bike has pleasing performance, and a wonderful sound with Conti mufflers (?)

Harley riders look up when they hear it coming, but don't know what to make of it when they see it.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007