2002 Gilera DNA 180 from Malta


A great (and expensive) delusion


The horn malfunctioned during the first year.

Engine dies regularly when I'm doing about 70kmh at some 6000rpm with a few loud BANGS. It had ONLY done 1000km from NEW. I took it to the local Piaggio mechanic for repairs and collected it after 3 months. It began to stall again within a week.

I handed it AGAIN to the Piaggio mechanic and collected it after yet another 3 months. It was stalling AGAIN after ONLY 2 weeks. The so called "repairs" cost a total of some 500 Euros.

General Comments:

It's a sporty bike, but I could never find a comfortable riding position.

Too heavy (137kg) for a 180cc.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2006

5th Apr 2007, 17:54

Your problems with your DNA were well known eccentricities of the DNA which could be CURED.

It was a problem with the fuel line and fuel pump, which could be solved by keen and honest dealers.

24th Feb 2008, 12:21

Hey you, the last guy with the eccentric DNA, can you tell me is it a goof deal to buy one 180 cc DNA for 1000 eur?

Thanks in advance!

1st May 2008, 22:43

Hello there!, I think your DNA is having problem in fuel systems. Try checking fuel pump, fuel filter. My 2003 DNA 180cc already reached 24,987KM and never had such heavy problems. I took regular maintenance every 2,000 km such engine oil replacement, flush carburator and accu checking.

In my country, Indonesia most problems took place in cooling systems, such radiator and conveyor, because in a day time the temp can reach 31C-33C. During traffic jam in Jakarta, you can take 1 hour for only 500m! My DNA temp is already blinking.

Please doing your maintenance at an authorized Gilera workshop.

4th May 2008, 20:05

Hi, was just wondering where the actual horn is on a DNA 125?

Cheers, Chris.

15th Jun 2009, 07:19

The horn is above the radiator covering facing towards the back of the bikes yokes and headstock (light and dash fittings) if I remember correctly. It is reliable and good transport if the problems with the fuel line and pump are rectified. I did a 150 mile journey on mine and never had problems and did 15,000 miles in 2 years. Miss mine. Shame they don't make a newer version.

13th Apr 2010, 19:31

Just got a Gilera DNA 125cc, and the bloke drove it 30 miles to me. When a friend tested the bike at his house, it said there was low fuel in it. Of course mate, thought just low. But when I got home and topped the fuel up, it still reads low fuel. Can anyone help? Thanks.

20th Jan 2011, 06:31

Sounds to me like 1. you're having fuel system problems 2. your dealer is either not aware of it or is ripping you off and 3. you're expecting a scooter to perform like a motorcycle.