2000 Harley-Davidson FLHPI Road King (Police) from United States of America


Excellent overall machine for the long haul


Replaced stator.

Had the 06 upgrade for chain tensioner/oil pump performed in 2015.

General Comments:

Bought this bike new in 2000 so have been riding it for 16 years. Two military deployments have kept the mileage lower than expected for a 16 year old bike.

It is a bone stock Police bike with air shocks front and rear and the air-ride cop seat.

This has been an excellent, worry free motorcycle the entire time I have had it - and I have had this bike for 16 years since new!

It stumbled once on me last year when the stator went out but I still made it home - easy replacement and back on the road.

In 2014 - after a 5,426 mile Route 66 ride I had the chain tensioner shoe checked (still was the original spring loaded one) and found it almost worn through. Went ahead and had the '06 upgrade performed with the hydraulic tensioner, high performance oil pump etc...

Some of the things I really like about these older model Police bikes are:

* Air ride seat... truly an all day saddle.

* 'Hockey Puck' saddle bags...very easy opening/closing.

* Run Flat Dunlop Police Tires... have been able to get these on it at each tire replacement. Yeah I know they are only rated for one up riding, but that's OK as I only ride solo. Great mileage, long wearing, peace of mind.

* Upgraded alternator - effortlessly powers anything you want to add like heated gear.

* Handling... easy riding, easy maneuvering bike - even at 750 pounds.

* My favorite cop bike accessory? The 100 watt Whelen siren/horn... makes Howard's Horns sound like a Volkswagen!

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Review Date: 31st July, 2016

2004 Harley-Davidson FLHPI Road King (Police) from United States of America


Never left me stuck, priceless!


Clutch cable went around 40,000.

Voltage regulator went about 50,000.

Twin cam tensioner at 70,000.

Replaced clutch at 110,000.

Two batteries for peace of mind, never got stuck.

Two windshields, pitted from use.

Headlamp bulb.

General Comments:

I will own another Harley, but will never get rid of this bike. I did a 7,000 mile trip this year, and left with 100,000 miles on her. Planning a 9000 mile trip next summer.

This bike is the best handling machine I have ever rode. I am not talking racing; the slow speed handling is incredible. Comfortable on the highway, and I love the Police bags.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2012

5th Dec 2012, 11:14

I own one of these as well, and agree with the above opinion. This bike is bulletproof. Reliable, runs awesome, handles like a dream. Easy to maintain. And looks *great* on the road.

8th Apr 2015, 00:55

I agree. I own a 2004 FLHPI. Never failed me. The bike runs like a top. 2 summers ago I did a 6000 mile ride and it killed me to get off the bike at the end of a 13 hour day, I was enjoying riding it so much. Thought about selling it, but can't bear the thought. Wish everything I owned was as good as my Harley.

2005 Harley-Davidson FLHPI Road King (Police) from United States of America


This is the only model bike I will ever own


Strip shifter peg gets stripped every 25,000 miles.

Transmission seal leaked at 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

I don't have a car, so this is my only transportation.

Usually I put 25,000 miles a year on a bike, and this one was no different, and is my 14th bike since 1964.

I escort funerals on my time off, and this bike is quick in traffic and responds better with more stability than any of my previous bikes, to include Harleys.

On solo runs, I get about 170 miles before the reserve light comes on.

The Mustang seat is good for 8 hours of riding. After that I have to stop for an hour or so.

The custom Corbin seat takes the place of the radio rack, and is terrific for my wife's comfort.

This bike does better at 80 MPH than any other bike I've ever owned, so for long trips it's the best.

AND on this bike, the bags are accessible while stopped at lights, unlike the civilian Road King.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2012

28th Sep 2014, 03:00

I also have a 2005 Road King FLHPI. 65,000 miles and still going strong. Just replaced the brake shoes, battery and fluids. This sled never let me down and I plan on keeping her a long time...