1972 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide from United States of America


I love it, and it still scares me a little


Everything vibrated off over the past 40 years.

Wore out 3 sets of front tubes, 4 sets of tires, etc.

Helicoil pulled out in 1980.

Old bending carb wore out right from the start, always backfired.

Hated the tranny, had the tractor gear for first gear, had that changed in 1987.

Smokes now on startup.

No electric start. The bike finally wore out my right knee.

Still runs strong.

My best friend wrecked it in 1974, took 3 years to fix it (no $$ in those days), the moonshine got it...

General Comments:

Hard to kick start when cold... 1 or 2 kicks after that.

Has the solid cable for the throttle, always stays where you put it.

Rough rider, 100 miles and you are numb.

Was not fast enough top end for me when I was young... hydraulic lifters floated out at 118 mph... changed them to solids and a roller cam, top ended at 128, could not handle it any faster; slowed down the acceleration though.

Never let me down, simple enough that I could always get it running; as long as it had gas, compression and a spark, I was good.

Once I broke a plug, but my Chevy 327 plug fit it, and off I went.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st June, 2013

21st May 2014, 23:59

I have a 1972 FX Superglide kick start only for 14 years. It is touch to start, but always does. Even if someone has to push start it. Can't say too much for the new bikes today. I'd rather ride my hog than wash it.