2003 Harley-Davidson Heritage Soft Tail 100th Aniversary from Australia


A great bike that's a keeper


One relay.

Broken triple clamp pinch bolt

General Comments:

I bought the bike because I was tired of getting tickets on my ZXR 1200. I would have given it away after a month, but then I figured out that it's a niche bike and I was trying to ride in a similar manner to the Kawasaki. As soon as I used it within its design parameters, things changed. It doesn't go fast, doesn't go around corners quickly and takes a while to stop. I've been riding for 50+ years and have rarely used the rear brake. If the back brake is not used on this bike, you don't stop!

The bike has been extremely reliable and has done a number of long trips including a 14 day group 5500km ride from the Gold Coast to the Gulf of Carpenteria and a solo 3000km ride from the Gold Coast to Cairns via the inland route. The longest day on this trip was 950km and this was done comfortably and reliably.

The bike feels comfortable up to about 120km/hr, but after that I can feel it starting to work and it doesn't like it. Consequently I very rarely exceed 120-125. I don't rev it high (Harley high!) - nothing is achieved. If I want to do that I'll ride a different bike.

Moreys Oil has been used in engine, gearbox and chain case, and no oil is used between its 8000km oil and filter changes.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th July, 2017