13th Jun 2010, 03:04

Hi all.

I very recently bought an 2006 883R and love it.

4000 miles on the clock and as stock as they come LOL.

Since purchase I have fitted a sissy bar, rack and pad for the wife (just to stop her sliding off the back), and have a set of screaming eagles awaiting to be fitted.

I only twice had a problem with the backfire thing, and that was just down to the bike being still a tad cold, so I run it for a few minutes on full choke while I gear up, and then on half choke for around 2 miles - problem solved :-)

This is my first ever Harley and I am more than happy with it.

Even with its stock exhaust sound, people still turn and look.

Yes, it may be underpowered when 2 up, but where I live here in the southwest of England, it's more country lanes and twisty roads than motorway (highway?) riding, and that's when this baby brings on the grins.

Would I buy another - damn right I would.

Have fun all.

Justmental, Devon, England.

22nd Jun 2010, 00:24

I bought an 883 R when I turned 50. Having had other bikes, I was looking forward to my new Harley. Yes, it's not the fastest thing on 2 wheels, but it is a joy to ride. It's still in its stock garb, but turns heads and get lots of comments.

I would recommend one for a long run, as it has a great riding position. I recently did a 2000 mile round trip, and it didn't miss a beat.

3rd Nov 2010, 03:00

Hello, I own a 883 also, but I have a 1200 kit in it.. I LOVE IT!!! I used to only be into street bikes, but after purchasing my first Harley, I don't think I'll ever go back... with the 1200 kit this, thing rocks big time! Everyone turns their heads, and when I pull up to work, I set all of the alarms off!!! And the best part is that I'm only 19!! Just thought I'd share!

14th Aug 2011, 16:14

I also had the same problem with my XL883. I found that my vacuum advance hose had come unthreaded from the body of the carb. Hooked it back up, and it ran like a dream.

20th Dec 2018, 15:53

Was the 2006 883r fuel injected? You said carb twice; what's the story on this?

29th Dec 2021, 11:38

Have a look at sigma jetting kits. They cured mine.