2008 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster from United States of America


Finest bike I have yet owned


The bike has just gotten better with mileage and age.

General Comments:

This bike is solid and hugs the pavement tenaciously. I've taken the road for three to six hours at a time with no wearisome effects (except having to get off).

The fuel tank is small though (3.3 gal), so you will find yourself re-fueling every 2-2 1/2 hours.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2008

2008 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster from United States of America


Made of Steel



General Comments:

I heard so many bad things about this bike that I didn't seriously consider it. The price is really high compared to the competition. Hell, even the Harley guys around here advised me against any Sportster saying "you won't be happy".

As a matter of fact, I decided on a Suzuki Boulevard M50 based on reviews, commentary (like on this website), and my base requirements: fuel injection, shaft drive, water cooled.

I eliminated various Triumph, Star, Kawasaki and Honda models over 6 months for one reason or another. In May I made the rounds one last time: I sat on a Nightster, and then immediately went and sat on the favored M50 once again.

My black Nightster has 500 miles on it now. It is what it is - there are undoubtedly "better" bikes with different attributes. But there are none like this one. People stare in silence at her beauty. I'm not kidding.

Rides like a tank, shakes like a Tommy Gun, pulls like a locomotive, hotter than Halle Berry.

I couldn't be happier.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

19th Jul 2008, 20:52

This is a true bike, stripped down and simple, the way a bike should be. Lots of torque, nimble and fast enough for me. A great platform for add ons and such... love it...

2nd Aug 2008, 20:50

I bought this bike in March 08 and completely agree. It's fantastic.

3rd Aug 2008, 11:43

I had a 07 Suzuki M50 as well! I bought it because I loved how it was blacked out and different than most other cruisers, but after a year, I HAD to have more power, better looks, and less bullcrap. Sometimes I would look at the M50 and it would look, I dunno, cheap.

I fell in love with the Nightster at first sight before I bought the M50, but I was 20 and didn't think my military pay could get me on a Harley. A year later, I have 4000 miles on my all black Nightster, with MANY more to come. This bike was made for me; it may be a little cramped for tall people, but for average height riders who like unique, old skool style bad ass bikes, the Nightster is an awesome choice.

24th May 2009, 22:33

These Sportsters have come a long way, you get what you pay; for they ain't cheap, & HD did a nice job on em.

31st Jul 2009, 17:41

I just bought my 1st Harley today and it is an 08 Nightster with a little under 4k on it. I was excited and scared at the same time cause the biggest bike I had ever ridden was a 636 Ninja and a 450 Nighthawk. But it was love at first sight, and then I sat on it and got the feel of this beautiful machine. When I rode it off the lot, I had to get used to the quick throttle response, but man WHAT A BIKE!!! I love it and can't wait to hit the pavement!!!

9th May 2010, 18:16

Just purchased a new 2009 Nightster. This is my fourth Harley, last one being a Fat Boy, the previous being Sportsters. I was sold on the Nightster ever since it first came out. The bike runs solid. It is definitely a head turner. At 59 years of age and riding since I was 15, the Nightster makes me feel like a teenager all over again. Awesome bike with awesome performance.

10th Jun 2010, 13:20

Ya, awesome bike!! My girl bought a Nightster 1200, fast bike, we put mini ape bars on it and rush slip ons; looks great, sounds great too, what a head turner.

13th Nov 2011, 11:39

I own a 2008 Nightster that I bought new. I've put 6,225 miles on it so far. Awesome bike! Have not had any problems with it, except that the battery died, but that was replaced under the factory warranty. Fast, fun, and I get looks whenever it's parked. What more could you ask for?