2005 Honda Big Ruckus from United States of America


It has kept me riding, while others I've known have quit


Nothing except brake pads and tires.

General Comments:

I can't believe they discontinued this scooter. It is a perfect ride for us old codgers who have finally admitted they are getting older, and need a kinder, gentler ride.

My last bike was a 1700cc Yamaha Road Star; it was a great ride, but work and age caught up with me, and I needed back surgery on my bottom seven vertebra. Well a year later I started riding again, and it was a sad situation, no exercise or weight lifting was going to return my back to its former glory. So I sold my bike and started looking for something smaller that my back could handle. My brother who rides a Goldwing suggested a Big Ruckus which has a fold up seat for back support. Tried it, loved it. Hey a lot of my older riding buddies said they would rather walk than ride a scooter; I kind of felt a little silly at first, but my wife got a scooter, and now we ride around the country roads, eat lunches in small towns, or just go for rides together.

Things change, I would rather ride the Big Ruckus than sit at home; it is easy to ride, easy to handle, easy to hold up, and fun to ride. Yes I still wish I could ride the big bikes, but I'm 68 and I can't. So I will ride the roads on my Honda as long as I can and hope for the best (hey, have they motorized a wheelchair yet!!!)

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st June, 2017