1965 Honda CA95 Benly from United States of America


Fun '60s summer scooter, not a cruiser


My dad bought this motorcycle from my uncle in 1970, and kept it around his property for amusement. I took it to college in 1986 and rode it there, then brought it home and tinkered with it on and off, until I sold it.

Gas valve rubber hardened over time and leaked - took awhile to find a rebuild kit that wasn't similarly hardened, but finally did and it worked well.

Mufflers rot out easily. Mine rotted completely from just sitting.

Most of its life it ran well once warmed up (cranky when cold).

Just before selling it, the kick starter jammed, and the electric starter wasn't up to the task, so it had to be push started to get it going - no easy task. I sold it soon after that.

General Comments:

A fun little 150cc motorcycle to have when I was young, for bopping around town. When at college, the Honda 150 scooters were all the rage, and it was always amusing to see those little plastic scooters being pushed around by the same size engine that drove my relatively heavy CA95.

This bike was not built for any kind of distance riding. When coming home from college, it turned out the best way to get the motorcycle home was to ride it: 120 miles on the interstate. That was more than the bike was built to take, and it felt like I was riding a two wheeled lawnmower the whole way.

Still, it's a classy looking mid '60s Japanese bike, and that pretty much makes up for all the rest of it.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2013