1972 Honda CB100SS from United States of America


A zippy little starter bike.


This bike had sat since 1986 when I first got it, so it required a carburator rebuild, new fuel petcock and some rust removal from the gas tank.

The motor was pretty sloppy after I got it running and I eventually blew the piston, but this is due to the fact that I beat the hell out of it. When the motor blew it was easily revving over 10k :).

General Comments:

For a motorcycle with such a small motor it screams, easily smoking most cars off the line. It tops out at approximately 75MPH, which is an indicated 65MPH due a sticky speedo cable.

The performance of this bike is due to the fact that its all aluminum motor is a very advanced design for the year it was built. It produces 11.5HP at 11,000RPM, which for a bike that weighs 194lbs dry is amazing. It can easily roll smoke off of the stock rear tire.

This was my first bike, however it took awhile to get parts to get it running so I ended up purchasing and riding a C70 for the first year I had it. This is an easy bike to ride while still offering adequate performance.

Handling is incredible. While overall grip isn't as good as more modern bikes it's unbelievably agile and is at home on tight, twisty roads. It has no problem scraping the pegs even on the stock 32 year old tires.

Very slick shifter for such an old bike, way better than the one on my 1974 CB750.

It has sat since I blew the motor in 2002, but it will be rebuilt this spring. Most likely a little worked to, so when my buddies ride it they won't be too far behind my CB750.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2004

20th Dec 2005, 17:36

I had a 1972 CB100 for six years and it was one of the most fun bikes I've ever owned. I used to ride it long distance three hours or so between cities and could easily keep up with traffic. It could stop on a dime as it was so light and with stiffer shocks, off a Suzuki trail bike, could zip through tight corners.

I did 45,000 miles before the crank pin and bearing began knocking, not bad for an engine that would run out to 12,000 rpm! I ended up owning three more of them and even my dad in his 60's had one for riding to bowls! LOL.