2019 Honda CB125F from Norway


The Honda CB 125 F seems excellent, but time will show if it's powerful enough for my daily commute


Nothing has gone wrong, but I decided to buy it before I had tested it. I'm surprised to experience how little power the 10.6 bhp engine has. The roads that I travel for my daily commute have maximum speed limits of 90 km/h, or about 55 mph.

This bike struggles to achieve an indicated speed of just above 100 km/h, which might be around 90 km/h + in true speed. It can probably not keep up with the regular traffic when going uphill, unless it's pushed towards its limits and/or being redlined.

Since it has just 1750 km, or just above 1000 miles on the odometer, I hope it may loosen up and unleash a little bit more power, later on.

General Comments:

It's probably the usual "Honda quality", meaning that it's very reliable. Time will show how our relationship develops.

I liked the instrumentation and gear indicator, and the excellent lights.

That the motor has little power for the main roads around here, is probably something I should not use against the bike. I used to have a CR 250 R, that felt several times as powerful as the CB 125 R, not just twice, as the displacement might indicate.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2020

19th Oct 2020, 18:26

Today I downloaded a speedometer app (by Jens Peterson) using the GPS in my android phone. I found that when the speedometer indicates for example 70, 80, 90 and 100 km/h, about 10 km/h should be subtracted to get the true speed.

I weigh 100+ kilos, and was able to reach a max speed of about 95 km/h. (Downhill, I could go a little bit faster, but would then redline the little Honda.) 60 mph seems to be the true top speed, with the original gearing, until it enters the red zone on the rev counter.

I really have to push the bike when going uphill.

I measured gas consumption. It might not be very precise, but I used about 2.91 litres in 74.9 kilometers, which equals about 0.39 litres / 10 km, or about 60 mpg (US gallon), or 72.2 mpg (Imperial / UK).

My Kawasaki Ninja 250R usually uses 0.38 - 0.40 litres / 10 km for my daily commute.

October 25th: measured 0.275 litres / 10 km today, when filling 7.49 litres. This means about 85 mpg (US gallon), or about 102 mpg (Imperial gallon).

16th Nov 2020, 23:18

The bike has 2870 kilometers on the odometer now, and a couple of weeks ago I replaced the original tires for Heidenau K41s with metal studs in them.

Going to use it for social distancing winter riding and my daily 80 km commute.

Enjoying the bike. 100 miles per (UK) gallon on the last tank, or just shy of 0.28 liters per 10 km.

30th Dec 2022, 22:55

Since last time the CB 125 F has had a service. It was stored for August 2021 - July 2022, due to myself having another year abroad. Had it registered again this fall. Since then, the tube in the rear wheel was replaced. I also noticed that the engine was getting short of breath, so to speak. A new air filter cured it.

Today I went out on a winter ride. When inspecting the areas in front of the rear wheel, I noticed spots of rust on the frame. The subframe holding the rest wheel looked even much worse. Road salt had taken an early toll. I'm not too happy with that. The bike is approaching 6000 km, so this was earlier than expected. Apart from this: excellent little bike.